An archive of PyroVision Directs prior to cancellation of the service.

July 2015

July 13th, 2015 - In Memorial

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata 1959-2015

July 12th, 2015 - Thor: Ragnarok

The picture simply shows artwork of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, flickering with lightning.

I highly doubt many people expected this game from me, but I finally remembered the Marvel Gaming universe that I had signed up for. The original game idea was kinda lame, so I'm taking more inspiration from the comics this time.

July 11th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows a mint green female Inkling using a weapon that resembles a large can of spray paint, which is shooting out a spray-like stream of ink.

This new weapon, the Aerosol Spritzer, is a member of a new class of weapon known as the Sprayer. The analog to the classic video game flamethrower, Sprayers shoot short-range, rapid sprays of ink, quickly killing enemies but not inking much turf.

The Aerosol Sprayer averts this however, as it has rather long range and lower power, making it better for turf inking than enemy splatting. It also comes equipped with the Splash Wall and Inkzooka weapons.

July 10th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows an acid-green colored Inkling wielding a new, dark green shooter with an incredibly wide nozzle. He is seen fighting a neon pink male Inkling wielding the previously announced Sneaker Sniper.

This new shooter is called the Scattersquirt. the gun itself is based off of a garden hose nozzle, but the gun's effect itself is based on this.

Essentially, the Scattersquirt possesses the absolute best fire rate in the game, but it shots can spread in any direction that isn't behind the Inkling. This makes it incredibly good at spreading ink around quickly, but has low power, meaning opponents are very hard to take out.

The Scattersquirt comes with the Sprinkler and Bubbler weapons.

July 9th, 2015 - Star Fox Aurora

The picture simply shows a screenshot with the game logo and a short message labeled "Press Start to Begin".

Well, this project is a surprise to even me. To tell the truth, it was actually the result of a dare I made- though I did figure it couldn't hurt to expand my horizons.

bad pun is bad.

Anyways, Aurora plays like a combination of 64, Zero, and a little smidgen of Adventures when the team is forced to explore on the ground (which isn't often).

July 8th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows Shulk running away from massive 8-bit versions of Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Black Mage, each of which are giving off strange pixel-like sparkles.

A famous item from Super Paper Mario has appeared- the Mega Star!

This item acts lime a normal Star until you collect it- at which point you transform into a massive 8-bit version of your character. You can only run and jump in this state, leaving you unable to attack- but you deal massive damage on contact. Don't worry about falling off the stage in Mega form- you just respawn, without losing a point or stock.

July 7th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows two Inkling standing next to each other, each with something on their backs. One is wearing what appears to be a metallic shield, while the other has two ink tanks instead of one.

A new customization option has appeared alongside clothing- Gear! Gear is essentially an extra bit of tech that the Inkling wears on their back, over or next to the ink tank.

Gear can have very varied effects- like the Ink Shield absorbing the vast majority of damage from behind, or the Mini Ink Tank granting a player 1.5 times as much ink. However, Gear is not mandatory, and as wearing any kind of gear actually lowers running and swimming speed (and also doesn't have skill slots like clothing) there is a valid reason to not equip any.

July 6th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The image shows Black Mage fighting Mario, Mega Man, and Pac-Man on Battlefield, utilizing a powerful blast of fire to KO the former.


One of the most infamous and beloved Final Fantasy characters has entered the battlefield- even though he takes more inspiration from 8-Bit Theater that the real series probably would.

Black Mage is the ultimate glass cannon. He possesses a vast repitoire of spells that either just deal massive damage or hinder the opponent in other ways, but he's rather light and is a little bit slow when it comes to running. Still, if dishing out absolutely massive amounts of damage from far off is your thing, Black Mage will be a very appealing fighter.

July 5th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows another Hero Mode screenshot, this time of a massive Octarian boss robot that resembles a large hermit crab.

Meet the Defensive Octobarrier, the game's first boss. Splashdown's bosses are primarily meant to be massive affairs that blow the previous game's out of the water. The final boss is even longer than DJ Octavio...

July 4th, 2015 - Q&A Time

Fera MoJ


Well, here's actual art of Fera's 4th of July skin, known ingame as the "Maiden of Justice". Seems she still doesn't like it.

Anyway, time for the Pyro Enterprises Q&A on the Lapis Wiki!

July 3rd, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows a yellow male Inkling throwing what appears to be a hybrid starfish-shuriken that matches his hair color.

Meet the Shurinken, a new sub weapon. Unlike most sub weapons, it doesn't fly in an arc- instead, it has a perfectly straight path, much like actual shurikens are supposed to. They don't ink turf very well, but they excel at dealing damage- with enough damage buffs, it can even be a one-hit kill!

July 2nd, 2015 - Heroforce

The image shows Fera, Lucius, Vilanus, and a previously unrevealed hero standing inside a floating pod above a desert battlefield.

This here is the Spawn Pod. Whenever a player dies, after a short time limit, they respawn inside the floating safe haven. Nothing can breach it, and no opponent can enter.

In fact, players don't actually exit their team's pod. They teleport out of it, and can respawn anywhere in the entire map. This whole concept was built around removing spawn camping as much as possible- if you die 2 seconds after spawning in, you probably shouldn't have warped where you did.

July 1st, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows an overhead view of a new map. It seems to be another mall-like location similar to Arowana Mall, but is indoors and more closely resembles Mario Kart's Coconut Mall.

Since Splashdown takes place in New Sealand instead of Inkopolis, I can get away with having new stages in similar locations. This new stage is one of them, called Megalodon Mall.

Megalodon Mall, like most maps, is more vertical than maps from the original game. There are two ring-shaped floors, each of which is connected to the other via two escalators. Inking the escalators may not contribute much to the score, but it can assure your victory.

June 2015

June 30th, 2015 - The Legend of Zelda X

The image shows Link standing in what seems to be a redesigned Kokiri Forest. Interestingly enough, the majority of NPCs in the screenshot, as well as Link himself, seem to be rendered in the Toon Link-style seen in the Wind Waker series.


In order to better discern the game's two time periods, each utilizes a unique art style. While the child gameplay takes on a much brighter appearence based on Wind Waker HD, adult gameplay is based on the Zelda HD Experience that was shown off for the Wii U.

June 29th, 2015 - Heroforce Q&A

The picture shows artwork of Fera outside her armor, instead wearing a red, white, and blue costume based off of the Statue of Liberty (looking visibly discomforted by her change of outfit).

Looks like Fera doesn't like her new alternate costume. Sorry,but you only have to wear it for a few days.

Anyways, this pic confirms two things. The first is that, much like League of Legends, Heroforce possesses extra costumes for those who want to get a little more chaotic with their characters.

The second thing is that Fera is (begrudgingly) celebrating both the 4th of July and the Heroforce Q&A on the same date! The event will be held in the Lapis Wiki chat from about 10 to 11 PM on July 4th. Any questions will be answered, and I'm probably going to take requests from those who give them. Anyways, seeya then!

June 28th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 12

The picture is not split down through the middle like past poll images. Instead, it seems to be a re-enactment of the Fire Emblem: Fates wallpaper art, minus Azura.

It seems like Duo Mode didn't go over so well, so that's staying out. Anyways, moving on!

With Fire Emblem: Fates having been recently released in Japan, I decided to add in some more characters from the series. Kamui/Corrin is of course getting in, but I wanted to add some more characters from the game, so i wanted you to decide.

I have already chosen a representative for the kingdom of Hoshido (to be revealed when this poll is over) but have no idea who to utilize as a Nohr representative. Therefore, the poll will choose this for me.

June 27th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows off a green male Inkling wielding a new variant on the Charger weapon, which seems to have multicolored dots all over it.

Meet the Sneaker Sniper, one of Splashdown's new weapons!

The Sneaker Sniper is hand-tooled around isolating opponents and taking them out unseen. It has a fast charge rate, but high ink consumption, making every shot count. It comes with the Point Sensor sub and the new Camoflage special- the Point Sensor tracks opponents while you go invisible and hunt them down!

June 26th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows another screenshot of a Hero Mode level, taking place inside a dome themed after a sewer. An Octarian grunt is seen wearing a militaristic helmet with kelp growing on it.

This new baddie is called a Kelpy Octotrooper. Kelp is apparently one of the few objects immune to ink, as seen in the previous game's Dreaded Octonozzle boss battle. The Octarians seem to have taken the advantage this time around, and wear kelpy helmets to protect large portions of their body from harm.

June 25th, 2015 - Super Mario Windstorm

The image shows Mario standing in a garden-like area in the clouds. Small beings that resemble a cross between Toads and clouds can be seen dotted across the landscape.

Welcome to Laputi Gardens, Windstorm's equivalent to the Comet Observatory. While it's in between the Observatory and Starship Mario in terms of size, it has a lot of secret rooms and areas. Who knows? Some of them might have Power Stars!

The cloud people here are called Puffi. They essentially act as the game's version of the Lumas, assisting Mario alongside the Toads and other species.

June 24th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows a pink female Inkling grinding on a rail in returning stage Blackbelly Skatepark while firing a Blaster round at a cyan male Inkling.

As if Splatoon didn't scream Jet Set Radio enough, Splashdown also adds grinding! No not for EXP.

Essentially, jumping on any rail-like object causes you Inkling to grind across it, following it and hopping off at the end. Grinding is faster than walking, and you can still aim and shoot, but be wary that only a few stages have rails.

June 23rd, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows a screenshot of the new version of Hero Mode, with the player's Inkling avatar wearing the Hero Suit while battling Octarians. Interestingly, an Octoling is seen with the same hair color as the Inkling, who is also battling the Octarians.

Hero Mode is going to be a bit different this time around due to Splashdown's setting change. It takes place 4 years after the original, and instead of Inkopolis, it takes place in New Sealand (actually Seattle).

By this point, the New Squidbeak Splatoon has grown, to the point where the player is now Agent 9. While Agents 1,2 and 3 remain in Inkopolis, 4 and 5 assist the player on the sidelines, and 7 is... missing, Agent 8 is actually unique in being a playable Octarian. She joins Agent 9 whenever a 2nd player joins in for Hero Mode.

June 22nd, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 11

The picture is split in two like the past poll images. One side shows a female Inkling fighting Bowser on the Battlefield stage, while the other shows a female and a male Inkling fighting two Bowsers, each with a different palette swap.

OK, by a 3-1 vote, SSBY's antagonists have become an alliance of Nintendo's greatest villains. Let's see if they've learned anything.

This poll discusses an odd mode idea I had- Duo Mode. Essentially, this turns any character into the Ice Climbers, having two copies that both react to your commands and can be desynced to allow amazing combos.

Do you want Duo Mode in or not? You decide!

June 21st, 2015 - GigaDirect

OK, sorry for not updating recently. I've had things to do. But anyways, now that I owe you a GigaDirect, I should probably get things started.

First off, Bytes. These amiibo-style figures are now free to use, meaning anybody on Fantendo is able to use them.

Secondly, most of my older games that once used amiibo now used Bytes. This includes Mythikal, City of The Sands, 404, and Heroforce. On top of that, I am happy to announce a new game that involves Bytes- Byte Block.

Unlike amiibo tap, Byte Block is more of an Animal Crossing-style game based off of the connection all Bytes are capable of. Scan in a Byte, and that character moves into an apartment. Connect two Bytes, and you can make the two characters meet. The connections that occur from multiple connections are near endless!

The final thing for today is a little game called Zelda Maker.

Zelda Maker retains the creation-based gameplay of Mario Maker, but adds the top-down perspective of the 2D games. The available artstyles include the original game, A Link to The Past, a revamped Spirit Tracks style, and A Link Between Worlds.

However, Zelda Maker also takes inspiration from the web program known as Zelda Classic. Not only can players utilize objects from classic Zelda games, but they can actually create their own items and other objects, allowing them to create games that only vaguely resemble the Zelda series.

June 18th, 2015 - Mythikal

The picture shows the male and female variants of Mitha fighting against a horde of humans covered in armor that appears to be made of scrap metal. beside them is the game's starting Myth, the small light spirit known as Homna.

The final thing I'm doing for E3 is a redesign of one of my older projects, Mythikal. The general plot, characters, and concept remain the same- but the gameplay is now completely different.

After some constructive criticism that the original game was too similar to Pokémon, I decided to make the game more original. It now takes on the form of a 3D action-RPG, with the player juggling commands between Mitha and the two active Myths in the middle of combat. Think of it as less Pokémon and more Kingdom Hearts 3D.

June 17th, 2015 - Bytes Announcement

The picture shows off several figures that resemble amiibo, but possess unique hexagonal bases with a stylized "B" symbol. The figures that can be seen include Mario, Fera, Link, Kirby, and a female Inkling.

I assume I'm going to be doing little E3 things in the PyroVision Direct, aren't I.

Anyways, today we announce Pyro Enterprises' answer to amiibo- Bytes! Bytes are NFC figures that act similarly to amiibo, but with three major differences. Firstly, Bytes can store multiple games worth of data, meaning data does not have to be erased like in amiibos. Secondly, the figure is actually a fully posable action figure, which can be removed from the base to play with or pose.

Thirdly, Bytes have AI advanced enough to interact with each other.

Simply connect two of the bases together, and the Bytes will share what they know with each other, as well as other various aspects that vary from game to game.

Bytes will be made available for several Pyro Enterprises games, but let's have a look at what current games they work with.

June 16th, 2015 - The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Hero

The picture simply shows off a title screen with the game's logo.

Well, while Nintendo's E3 wasn't as big as I thought it was gonna be, it still had some cool bits- primarily my personal favorite, Triforce Heroes. Shattered Hero is gonna be similar to it in many respects, but I'm adding a lot more original content.

June 15th, 2015 - Bad News

The picture is a simple question mark on a black background.

WELP, my computer that I do all my art on is having a charger issue, so I may not be doing art for a while.

Guess I should be doing some actual editing, huh?

Anyways, with E3 on the way, I will try to be a bit more active and not just uploading pictures. See ya on the 16th!

June 14th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

DJ Octavio Y

DJ Octavio sounds off!

Like Bowser Jr., the Octobot King rides around inside a smaller version of the mecha from his final boss battle. His attacks include shields, powerful fist strikes, Octorpedoes, and the infamous Killer Wail.

However, his DJ skills also come into play, as he can actually scratch to the beat in order to boost his own stats.

yep, DJ Octavio is my special gift for the Smash Direct. there will be smaller updates when E3 comes around, as well.

June 13th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows off an overhead view of a new map based on what appears to be construction site. Many girders stretch over a large pit in the middle, which contains many ramps and blockades.

This new map is called Coral Constructs, and is a primarily vertical map. While the hole in the map's center is the main thing to fight over, players must also watch out for attacks from the girders above.

Also, in honor of the (leaked) Smash Direct, tomorrow's pic will involve both Splatoon AND Smash Y. Get ready!

June 12th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows the Wii Fit Trainer standing next to Kirby, who is looking at assorted food items lying on the ground.

Wii Fit Trainer is back- alongside the heart rate mechanic most fan Smash Bros. games give her.

Essentially, WFT's heart rate goes up as she runs, attacks, or is attacked. The higher her heart rate, the higher her speed and attack become. However, the heart rate does eventually decrease- and if it gets too high, she may have to catch her breath.

June 11th, 2015 - Heroforce

The picture shows off a small menu with various objects. Most are blurred out to conceal them, but one is left clear- a "Rank" meter currently residing at A-.

Heroforce's ranking system was slightly based off of Splatoon's, but there are some major differences in how it works. The biggest is that it ranges from A+ to F-.

The first time players perform an online match, they start at C rank. If they win, they go to A+. Lose, and it's down to F-. Essentially, ranking is all about the win-loss ratio. Additionally, you will only battle players of your rank in an online battle.

June 10th, 2015 - Smash Poll 10

The picture is split in two similarly to past poll votes. The left shows a gathering of villains from the majority of the series represented in Smash, while the right simply shows a void with strange eye-like markings on it.

Well, apparently a not a lot of people liked the physics troll mode, so that will remain nonexistent. Sorry, PH.

Anyways, more Story Mode! This time, the big question is the villain of the story. Will it be a new mysterious force like Tabuu and the Subspace Army? Or should it go back to simpler roots and have the villains actually be villains, from Bowser to DJ Octavio to Medusa? You decide!

June 9th, 2015 - Dream Land Heroes

The picture shows off Claycia and King Dedede battling against a large amount of Waddle Dees.

Dream Land Heroes has a roster comparable to Hyrule Warriors, but there is a higher weapon to character ratio, meaning more weapons per character. Villains such as Dedede, Claycia, and Magolor also get in on the action.

June 8th, 2015 - Pokémon Iron and Amber

The picture shows the female trainer standing inside a laboratory-like building similar to the dwelling of past Pokémon professors, though this one seems to have an upstairs as well. Two characters can be seen sitting at a table, one male and one female, both of them wearing lab coats.

Irons and Amber were designed to play with classic series tropes. For example, your character's parents are much more prominent throughout the story.

It helps that they are the region's professors.

The basic story for this is that the character's family originally lived in Unova, but moved to the Honura region when the parents were asked to assist in study on new types of Pokémon. The basic plot kicks off from there.

June 7th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture simply shows a female Inkling wearing the schoolgirl outfit previously unlocked by the Female Inkling amiibo.

Well, now that I actually own Splatoon, Splashdown will be worked on a bit more. Anyways, this outfit is still unlocked via something involving amiibo, but it's a bit more unique. I'll explain later...

June 6th, 2015 - Lucky Break

The picture shows the Thief character on the world map, inside a cave filled with lava. Another space with the purple mist is seen off to the right, while a black and blue tent is to the Thief's left.

A special type of space is the Magician's Tent, seen to the left here. The tent's proprietor is a powerful mage, and for a bit of money, he can transport you to pretty much any major location (that has been unlocked). This ranges from a player's owned villages to a dungeon.

June 5th, 2015 - Heroforce

The picture simply shows a picture of Fera and Lucius standing back to back fighting off a horde of Mobots.

Welp, even bigger moment.

I am now a senior. One year to go. The final stretch has begun.

The picture was originally unrelated, but it also reminded me that I have to start work on the Heroforce anime at some point.

June 4th, 2015 - Heart to Heart

The picture shows Ema unconscious on a bed inside a hospital, with an IV hooked up to her arm. A strange doctor seems to be watching over her as she sleeps.


This is kind of a big moment, though. You're looking at the final PyroVision Direct before I become a senior in high school.

This isn't just a fake image. This scene is actually found in the game. I dunno why, but Heart to Heart is getting really dark compared to my other stuff.

June 3rd, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows Kirby inhaling while facing away from King Dedede. Dedede himself is glowing bright yellow, and seems to be pointing at Kirby as a Waddle Dee glowing the same color jumps toward him.

Dedede is back, guys!

Y's King Dedede combines the best of Brawl's version and Sm4sh's version, giving him the Gordo Toss as his side B, while giving him a Waddle Dee Toss as a side X. While Waddle Dees act much like they did in Brawl, they gain an added layer of use thanks to Dedede's new neutral X, DDDecree, which lets him remotely control his Waddle Dees.

June 2nd, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows a portion of a renovated Inkopolis, as well as a new character who resembles a sea slug in a poncho.

One of the new shopkeepers in Splashdown is Marco the sea slug. Like Sheldon, he sells weaponry, but his weapons come from a far-off land.

Essentially, weapons now come in various brands much like Borderlands, which determine the weapon's overall stats. Marco's weapons are brandless, and have really strange and varied stats. You never know what he might have to sell, so check often!

June 1st, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows an green female Inkling carrying the new Showerhead weapon in combat with a purple male Inkling wielding the basic Splattershot. The map they are in is new, and appears to be set in a Western town.

This new map is Mudfish Gulch, a random desert village out in the middle of nowhere. This map is actually the ideal location to show off the new plumbing feature.

Plumbing takes the form of pipes scattered across a map, which usually spray water into specific areas of the map. However, if enough of one team's ink is concentrated into the focus point of the pipes (or in some cases, vents attached to the pipes), the pipes will spread that color ink instead of water, which effectively keeps certain areas under control or supplies pools of ink for easy ammo. You can even ride inside pipes if your team controls them!

Mudfish Gulch is no exception- except that the source of the pipes is a large water tower that you have to ascend before shooting your ink into it.

May 2015

May 31th, 2015 - The Wonderful 102

The picture shows a crowd of approximately 15 Wonderful Ones in combat with a large robotic enemy. The majority of the group seems to be combined into a new ring-like Unite Morph.

There are 3 main new Unite Morphs in the game. The first one you obtain is the Unite Ring, and is utilized by Wonder-Purple. The weapon primarily acts as a boomerang-blade hybrid- in fact, some of its abilities were previously used by the previous game's Unify Boomerang.

May 30th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 9

The picture is divided by a red line similar to past poll pictures. On the left, a strange creature designed to resemble the Pyrohedron controller is shown hovering above Mario and Samus, while on the left, the two are simply showing throwing items at each other.

The winners of the Mother/Earthbound poll are in- as are Poo and Kumatora. To be honest, Poo's victory came out of nowhere, but you guys voted, so he's still in.

Anyways, the new poll is about a possible new game mode starring PH, the little robot shown on the left. This mode would be a Smash variant where a player utilizing the Pyrohedron's touchscreen would be able to manipulate the physics of the match, screwing over the other players. Do you want this, or no?

May 29th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows artwork of a strange, black-haired Inkling with a blue body suit and helmet. She holds a Splattershot similarly to the Inkling artworks, but the gun and tank are filled with a clear liquid instead of ink.


The big revelation I mentioned yesterday was Krakina, the new antagonist of the game. While she is an Inkling, she oddly seems to be disgraced by her species, and vows to "clean up their mistakes". As such, she actually took it upon herself to modify her body, giving her the power to generate water instead of ink.

Krakina isn't story-exclusive like the Octarians, though. A special mode is a 4-on-4-on-1 battle known as Vs. Krakina. She equips whatever the person playing as her had equipped, but she generates water instead of ink, meaning her goal is to erase the ink of both teams. Additionally, she possesses 2 times the health and ammo of normal Inklings.

Scoring in Vs. Krakina is also a bit different. If less than 50% of the map is covered when the timer sounds, Krakina wins. If more than 50% is covered, then the winner is the team that covered the most ground.

May 28th, 2015 - Splatoon: Splashdown

The picture shows off a player Inkling standing in a renovated Booyah Base, alongside three others who seem to be following her. Each of the Inklings has a small insignia hovering over their head.

Well, Splatoon's out tomorrow. In honor of that, I'm gonna reveal a big thing about Splashdown then. But for now, let's have a look at VOICE CHAT

And by that, I mean Gangs.

Gangs are 4-man teams formed by a player's friends, and they can be called together whenever a player decides to enter a battle. Of course, they do all have to be online. Additionally, Gangs can actually talk to each other via voice chat, something not possible in normal matches for obvious reasons.

May 27th, 2015 - Lucky Break

The picture shows the knight character from the trailer talking to a strange demonic jester-like character in the middle of a field. Interestingly, the jester seems to be handing him a scroll-like sheet of paper.

Just because players are the protagonists doesn't mean they have to be good.

Since the main draw of the game is screwing over/fighting against your friends, I thought it would be cool to take that to the next level. This contract is part of that...'

May 26th, 2015 - Dream Land Heroes

The picture simply shows off Kirby wielding his Sword ability, fighting against a horde of Waddle Dees.

Well, this one is a doozy of a game. It's not even a new project per se.

DLH is a reboot/continuation of New Hyrule Warriors. I had this whole elaborate story planned out for the original, but something inside me just burned out, and I lost interest. Oddly enough, replacing the Zelda series with the Kirby series made it more interesting.

May 25th, 2015 - Mindgames

The picture simply shows artwork for a character that resembles the stereotypical magician character, with a top hat and tuxedo. In his hand rests a pocket watch styled with a strange spiral design.


I don't have much for this game yet, but I will say that the game's main gimmick is mind control- to a such precise level that the game includes a dictionary of possible commands for your victims.

May 24th, 2015 - N/A

No picture today because NO INTERNETS

May 23rd, 2015 - Super Mario Windstorm

The picture shows Mario and Gale standing in a rainforest level next to a river. A small house can be seen to the right, with a boat next to it.

This level is known as Cruising Course, a peaceful trip down a jungle river. Of course, the river itself isn't very peaceful, so this sail boat is needed for protection. The game's new wind power is the only way to control it, so be sure you've practiced with it.

May 22nd, 2015 - N/A

No picture today because VERY long field trip.

May 21st, 2015 - Lucky Break

The picture shows the mage character from the original trailer standing in a board game-styled world made of hexagonal pieces. A few spaces from her lies a building of some kind, and another far-off space holds a strange purple mist.

Lucky Break is a highly board game-themed game, with spaces and cards becoming a major part of the gameplay. Another big portion of the game is screwing your friends over, as players may use their cards to either buff another player or weaken their opponent... or vice versa.

May 20th, 2015 - N/A

No picture today because TOO BUSY

May 19th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 8

The picture simply shows off various characters from the Mother series, ranging from the original game's Ninten to Kumatora from Mother 3.

By a 2-0 vote, the new story mode, which I am dubbing DIMENSION QUEST, will take the form of a Metroid-style exploration game similar to Smash Run or Brawl's Great Maze.

Now for another character poll- which Mother/Earthbound character would you like to see join the Smash? This time, the two frontrunners will get in, so feel free to pick who you choose!

May 18th, 2015 - The Legend of Zelda X

The picture shows a slightly modified Adult Link standing inside a building in Lon Lon Ranch. A redesigned Malon seems to be sitting at a table, looking over a map.

One of the bigger changes is that Ingo no longer takes over Lon Lon Ranch after the time skip. He has actually gone to work for Ganondorf within Castle Town (which is not as Redead-infested) and is now the leader of his stables.

Malon here serves a much bigger role in TLoZX than she did in OoT. The little farm girl has now grown into a hardened warrior, and leads the limited resistance against Ganondorf. Who knows? Maybe she'll join Link on his adventures?

May 17th, 2015 - The Legend of Zelda X


The Legend of Zelda X is a bit of an odd project. For all intents and purposes, this is the Ura Zelda we've all been waiting for. Heck, the logo isn't even mine- it's the unused logo for Ocarina of Time's Master Quest.

TLoZX is essentially my ideal version of the classic Ocarina of Time, with plenty of new things sprinkled throughout. Or should I say poured throughout? There are a lot more additions than a simple remake- some things will even get cut.

May 16th, 2015 - The Wonderful 102

The picture reveals two Wonderful Ones, Wonder-Red and a new female character wearing a purple suit, fighting against a large robotic enemy.


As one of my favorite games of all time, I knew that I was going to do a sequel to The Wonderful 101 at some point. I can't say much without giving away some big things, but I can say it will be longer than the original and possess actual 4-player co-op within the story.

May 15th, 2015 - Paper Mario 6?

The picture shows artwork of Mario alongside a small fairy-like companion fighting against Bowser and the woman from the previous image.

I don't know the exact details of this new game's plot yet, but I do know it will begin with Bowser discovering a piece of Star Road, which contains a cosmic genie that joins his side. Rest assured, 6 and 7 will be just as long as Rise of Shadow.

May 14th, 2015 - Smash Poll 7

The picture shows a similar split image to past polls. On the left side is a picture of Mario and Link fighting against a horde of Primids, while the right side shows Kirby and Samus looking at a strange map.

By a vote of 4-0, Trophies have been replaced with Journals! A minor thing, but a big change nonetheless.

Now for a big poll- the story mode design. Should SSBY's story mode be like an improved version of The Subspace Emissary, or should it have a more Metroidvania-style to it, like a massively overhauled version of the Great Maze? You decide!

May 13th, 2015 - Paper Mario 6?

The picture simply shows Mario in his paper form standing in a black room, standing alongside Luigi, Peach and Bowser. Standing across from the four is a strange woman-like figure that seems to be made entirely out of pink mist.


So the game went from 15 DLC packs to 5 longer ones. Now, in order to tell the huge story I've been meaning to create the entire time, I'm turning it into a trilogy of games, Rise of Shadow being the first of the 3.

May 12th, 2015 - The Legend of Evi: Spirit of Hyrule

The picture shows Evi in battle with three strange clockwork robotic enemies, which are wielding strange swords. Interestingly, Evi herself seems to be wielding a similar sword in place of her magic rod.

Back in Wind Waker, Link could temporarily use the weapons of his fallen enemies. Looks like Evi's picked up a few things...

The big difference now is that, thanks to the enchanted Sheikah Pouch, Evi can keep her stolen weapons for an infinite amount of time- or at least until she runs out of room in the pouch.

May 11th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows Mario and Luigi on the new Battlefield stage, staring at a strange pink orb hovering between them.

This orb is a special move by a very strange newcomer for the Pokémon series. For one, she's a human. Secondly, her moveset is based off of the spin-off games, primarily the 3DS app Pokémon Dream Radar. Thirdly, she actually has a unique series icon.

Who is she? Try and find out!

May 10th, 2015 - Heroforce

The picture shows a new Hero, which resembles a variant on the Sandbag of Super Smash Bros. fame, but with arms and legs as well as a red headband.

This new Hero is Dono, and he is a very strange Hero indeed. He has the lowest attack of any hero, but the highest HP and defense, referencing his bases, Sandbag and Wobbuffet.

Dono's specials do not fill as he attacks, unlike most Heroes. Instead, they fill as HE is attacked, but as a result, his specials are noticeably more powerful, ranging from waves of healing to powerful blasts of energy. All in all, Dono is a character literally built for survivability.

May 9th, 2015 - League of Ultimate Justice

The picture shows off a menu labeled "Powers", with three smaller tabs listed "Offensive", "Defensive", and "Strategic". The Offensive tab is marked by a red stick figure-like drawing firing a laser, the Defensive tab by a blue stick figure surrounded by a shield, and the Strategic tab by a green stick figure teleporting forward.


Anyways, powers in LoUJ are divided into these three categories. Offensive powers are those purely dedicated to laying a beatdown, such as laser vision or fire breath. Defensive powers are more all-around abilities such as invulnerability or mind-reading. Finally, Strategic powers are those not used in combat, such as flight and Xray vision.

May 8th, 2015 - N/A

No info today because SO MUCH WASTED TIME

May 7th, 2015 - The Legend of Evi: Spirit of Hyrule

The picture shows Evi standing in a field next to a strange statue made out of blue crystal, which vaguely resembles a more realistic variant on the Goddess Statues from Wind Waker.

Meet the item known as the Traveler's Light. This relic is a special item used by the Sheikah, and is one of the objects Evi starts her journey with. The Traveler's Light acts much like an improved version of Farore's Wind, letting Evi set a warp point anywhere in the world she wishes, then return to it later.

May 6th, 2015 - Mario Kart P

The picture shows artwork of Mario and Luigi ramming into each other inside newly-designed karts. Peach lags behind the two holding a Red Shell, while Bowser follows her while glaring.


Anyways, Mario Kart P will be more or less a practice game to see if I can come up with halfway decent stages- there are going to be 10 cups with no retro courses. Wish me luck!

May 5th, 2015 - Super Mario Windstorm

The picture shows Mario standing next to a Toad in armor wielding a spear and shield inside a strange temple-like area. Next to the Toad is a new power-up, which resembles a strange green pinwheel with eyes.

This new power-up makes an appearance for the first time- the Super Windmill!

Most new power-ups involve the wind-controlling mechanics given to the Mario Bros. by Gale, as does this one. By jumping while dashing, the player spins into a powerful tornado, which glides along the wind created by the player.

May 4th, 2015 - Pokémon Iron and Amber


I'm going to just skip the description tonight because LEGENDARIES.

Yes, meet the official art for the game's Legendary Pokémon, Ferrix, the Iron Heart Pokémon, and Sectanis, the Amber Heart Pokémon. These two bad boys control the balance of nature and technology, and usually don't do much... until recently.

May 3rd, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 6

The picture shows off another dual split similar to the last polls. The picture on the left shows a trophy of a Goomba, while the picture on the left shows the Goomba next to a piece of lined paper.

Thanks to the last vote, Smash Y is now a combination of Melee and Brawl! Taking the former's advanced speed and physics, while making everything more casual for newcomers and to force the competitive community to embrace the vast selection of content, the game will be a true Smash Bros. haven for all.

This next poll is kinda weird. I came up with Journals- essentially they are Trophies, but every description is written from the perspective of a different character. Should the normal Trophies return, or will the more personal Journals replace them?

May 2nd, 2015 - N/A

No info because I APPARENTLY skipped today on accident.

May 1st, 2015 - Kid Icarus: The Spider Queen

The picture shows Pit flying away from a large horde of Monoeyes alongside a new winged scorpion-like enemy. Interestingly, he seems to be holding a new weapon variant that resembles a shield.

A little thing tonight. This game has several new weapon types, one of which is the Barrier. Barriers are enchanted shields that up Pit's defense, but lower his speed.

April 2015

April 30th, 2015 - Pokémon XY²

The picture shows off the new player characters for the game, referred to as Xavier and Yvonne. There also appears to be a strange silhouette of another character behind the two children.

XY² is a sequel to X and Y, kinda like how B2W2 was a sequel to Black and White. As such, most old characters have new roles, but Calem and Serena are a bit different... Xavier and Yvonne here are their kids.

Hmmm... I don't recall who this third person is, however...

April 29th, 2015 - Fire Emblem: Ascension

The picture shows a screenshot of the new Support menu. The current list is of a character named Echo, and three supports have been unlocked for characters known as Arthur, Cerina, and Maxwell. More sprites can be seen, but they are blacked out and their names are listed as ???

Support conversations return from previous Fire Emblem games, but now there's a new addition... Z-level supports!

If a boy and a girl gain enough support, they will eventually reach S-level, in which case they have a child (which works differently in this game- but more on that later). However, if two boys or two girls get enough support, they will reach the new Z-level.

This was made kind of in response to the outcry about Awakening not having homosexual relationships, but it's a bit more complicated, as a single character can have one S-level and one Z-level support. And since same-gender couples can't have natural kids, Z-level pairs instead gain MASSIVE amounts of stat boosts when paired up.

April 28th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows a menu screenshot, with some icons pixelated out so they remains non-visible. The remaining two icons show the normal Smash mode and a new mode called Alternating Smash.

Well, here's a cool but slightly odd new mode known as Alternating Smash! In this mode, all battles are set to stock, and you can pick multiple characters for one stock each!

There are two variants on this, Streamlined and On The Fly. In Streamlined, you pick one character per allowed stock before entering combat- you cannot use a character more than once, so try mixing things up!

On the Fly is a little different, as you only pick one character to start off with- but when you die, a character select screen appears on the Pyrohedron touch screen. You then have 5 seconds to choose your next character, so be quick before you get stuck with a random one!

April 27th, 2015 - Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Universe

The picture shows Luigi standing in a foyer in front of a treasure chest. He is holding a strange hexagonal ceramic piece with a lightning bolt design on it, and the picture additionally shows off a new design for the Poltergust.

Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Universe acts as a hybrid between the original game and Dark Moon. While it keeps Dark Moon's multiple mansions, there are no longer missions, so players are free to roam around the mansions as they please.

As such, the method of gaining new abilities is much like the original game as well, so the Elemental Medals return. This is a new medal known as the Spark Medal, which lets Luigi fire bolts of lightning from the Poltergust.

April 26th, 2015 - GigaDirect

Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone! I was attending a robotics tournament with my team. Although we didn't win, we did make it to the quarterfinals out of over 2,900 teams worldwide, so I'm feeling happy. Anyways...

First off, by a 4-to-2-to-1 vote by the community, the Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Y will be Serena from Pokémon X and Y. Her team will consist of four Pokémon, unlike the trainer from Brawl, due to how the game handles transformation. The Pokémon that form her team are:

  • Chestnaught, the Grass/Fighting-type juggernaut!
  • Braixen, the Fire-type mage!
  • Froakie, the Water-type assassin!
  • And Floette, the all-around Fairy-type Pokémon!

Next up is the next poll- should the game focus more on competitive or casual play? While the game is using Melee physics, most of the features are designed for casual people (no Final Destination, all wavedash lengths are equal regardless of character, etc.), so should I revert to competitive or go full casual version of Melee?

Finally, have two trailers, each of which is for an old project that I'm gonna redo soon!

The first trailer begins in a small mining town on an unknown planet. The town seems to have been ransacked by something, as most buildings are destroyed and no people seem to be around.

"I never knew my parents. I was born in a small mining town in a relatively barren star system, where there was little to no defense from anything hostile."

A strange humanoid creature emerges from behind a building, brandishing a strange weapon.

"Almost the entire settlement was wiped out by Space Pirates, widely considered the scourge of the galaxy."

The creature, revealed to be a Space Pirate, continues searching through the ruined settlement. He eventually hears crying and sets out to find the source, and comes across a small baby girl.

"For whatever reason, they didn't kill me. Maybe it was because I was a defenseless child, or maybe they had other plans."

The creature picks up the girl and runs off.

"I've been raised by the Space Pirates my entire life. I've done things I'm not very proud of, but through good times and bad, they were there for me."

The pirate eventually runs into a giant ship, where a large winged creature that appears to be Ridley glares at him. A game logo then appears for Metroid: Project S.

Well, there's one. Now for...

The second trailer starts with a shot of a large mansion, lit by a massive full moon. The camera pans inside to a small room with a fireplace, which glows with blue flames before a small red ghost pops out. The ghost floats over to a drawer, pulling out clothing before grabbing a gold bar hidden in the drawer.

The ghost attempts to flee with his treasure, but a flash of light stuns him. As he rubs his eyes, a vortex forms around him, eventually sucking him into a strange vacuum-like device. The vacuum spits out the gold bar as the wielder of the strange device picks it up, then walks off, whistling to himself. A game logo then appears for Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Universe.

April 21st, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture reveals Sonic and Dillon standing next to each other in the new design for the Battlefield stage, mirroring the introduction of Dillon from SSB4.

Looks like a familiar situation here, doesn't it? Well, things have been a little reversed here- because Dillon has replaced Sonic as a new fighter!

Dillon's moveset, like Sonic's, is based around spinning and general speed, but he puts a bit more SPIN on things than his predecessor did (har har). Dillon is less based around pure speed and more on defense, being able to toss dynamite, summon defense towers, and even dig underground to dodge attacks. In exchange, he's not as blisteringly fast as Sonic.

As for Sonic's appearance? He's the Assist Trophy now- or Assist Sphere, as I should say. When summoned, he performs a lightning-fast combo on nearby opponents, which, while it deals little damage, is good for softening up the enemy- or trapping them in place to get off that fully charged projectile...

April 20th, 2015 - Fire Emblem: Ascension

The picture simply shows off a game logo with strange runes in the background.


This one is relatively old and was on hold for a while, but now that Fire Emblem if is in the works, I decided to get back on to it. Not much has been done so far, but I will say one of the big new things is alchemy, which leads to both new weapons and a lot of the plot.

April 19th, 2015 - Xenolight

The picture shows Klaus and his female companion fighting against a large monster that resemble the Nebula enemies from the original Xenoblade Chronicles, showing off the first true battle scene so far.

Notably, this scene shows off Klaus's Talent Art, Ammunition Switch, as well as its description: "Switch ammunition to gain different Art effects."

Battles in Xenolight are a combination of those in the original game and Xenoblade X, but primarily the first game. Each character has unique arts that run on cooldown, aisde from Talent Arts, which fill up with normal attacks. Not much today- I just wanted to do something small.

April 18th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows off the previously revealed fighter Hoopa battling veteran Smasher Pikachu on a currently unknown stage. Pikachu appears to be using his Skull Bash move to charge towards Hoopa, but the Mythical Pokémon appears to be countering by summoning a large ring, another of which is located behind Hoopa.


Anyways, the Archdjinni of Rings, Hoopa, is one of my personal favorite newcomers to Smash Y. He has a lot of moves in common with former Smasher Mewtwo- in fact, Hoopa steals a lot of his neutral moves, as well as his Confusion side special.

Look closer, however, and competitive players will notice a massive amount of differences- the biggest of which being Hoopa's neutral special, Hyperspace Hole. Using the move summons rings, which act as portals between each other. This makes Hoopa truly amazing at catching people off guard- and since the rings can float, he makes a relatively good edge-guarder as well.

Just note that other players can use the rings as well- even though they do take a little damage by doing so!

April 17th, 2015 - Arc-71

The picture shows a battlefield with two tanks. One has a large cannon on its back, while the other has a radiator-like device.

Superweapons are a customization part for vehicles in Arc-71, and there are a LOT of them. The two pictured here- the Tesla Cannon and Medicrowave- show off the diversity of these weapons- the Tesla Cannon fires a powerful blast, while the Medicrowave heals allies.

April 16th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 4

The picture shows off various Pokémon Trainers from all generations of the series, from Red and Blue to X and Y.

Well, the last poll ended rather awkwardly... Anyways, due to lack of votes, both Princess Shroob and Dark Bowser are joining the smash!

Now, to end off this random Pokémon streak I've been on. The Pokémon Trainer is returning, with an additional fourth Pokémon. But I haven't decided on what generation to represent. So, I once again ask for your decision!

April 15th, 2015 - Pokémon XY²

The picture shows the two Pokémon shown only in silhouette in the last pic. One resembles a fusion between Zygarde and Xerneas, while the other resembles a fusion between Zygarde and Yveltal.

These two forms are one of the biggest differences in XY² is a third "super evo" alongside Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion- Genetic Alteration. Only a few Pokémon use this, but they pack even more of a punch than Mega or Primal Pokémon- but almost all of them have a cost.

Alongside increased stats and new typing/abilities comes the true cost of genetic manipulation- unstable DNA. Altered Pokémon such as Altered Gardevoir or Altered Dragonite have amazing power, but their HP decreases every turn. The only Genetic Alteration immune to this is Zygarde's two Alterations- Altered Zygarde ZX and Altered Zygarde ZY.

April 14th, 2015 - Pokémon XY²

The picture shows art of Zygarde next to two strands of DNA that resemble the Mega Evolution symbol, one red, one blue. Two mysterious silhouettes stand next to the DNA strands.


Here we have a pseudo-remake of Pokémon X and Y, which, while fun, was a bit underwhelming- not enough new Pokémon, slightly underwhelming plot, and low difficulty. XY² will fix that.

April 13th, 2015 - Pokémon Iron and Amber

The picture shows a male player character standing inside what appears to be the game's first Gym. The theme seems to be Rock-type, and it takes on the appearance of a sandy playground-like area with rocks sticking out of the ground. Kids are playing on the various objects, and an elderly man seems to be sitting atop the highest point in the Gym.


This is the game's first Gym, run by the Rock-type Gym Leader Grandpa Sid. Sid is the region's former champion, and now dedicates his time to training the children of the region to become great trainers. His Gym is simple enough, but watch out for the more obnoxious kids...

April 12th, 2015 - GigaDirect

Sorry for being gone so long, guys! I've had robotics stuff for the past few days, so I haven't been able to update. So, without futher ado...

The Direct opens with a gameplay trailer of Poké Arena, showcasing the movesets of the four originally revealed characters:

  • Red from Red and Blue, who utilizes Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard
  • Archie from Ruby and Sapphire, who utilizes Sharpedo, Clawitzer, and Barbarnacle.
  • Elesa from Black and White, who utilizes Emolga, Zebstrika, and Manetric.
  • Sycamore from X and Y, who utilizes Mewtwo, Hawlucha, and Florges.

The trailer additionally shows off 6 brand-new characters:

  • Sabrina from Red and Blue, who utilizes Alakazam, Gardevoir, and Claydol.
  • Maxie from Ruby and Sapphire, who utilizes Camerupt, Magcargo, and Magmortar.
  • Gardenia from Diamond and Pearl, who utilizes Roserade, Cacturne, and Abomasnow.
  • Misty from Red and Blue, who utilizes Starmie, Slowbro, and Tentacruel.
  • Shauntal from Black and White, who utilizes Chandelure, Cofagrigus, and Gengar.
  • Bugsy from Gold and Silver, who utilizes Butterfree, Beedrill, and Pinsir.

Additionally, a glimpse of the story mode is revealed, showing a "Shadow Victini" being used by a mysterious new trainer to fight against Red and Misty.

April 9th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y/Mythikal

There are two pictures in this day's post.

The first picture is of Mythikal, with Mitha standing in front of a strange stone. The stone is marked with an A similar to the one in the amiibo logo, made out of crystals.

Since there was no pic yesterday, have two today!

Mythikal is compatible with amiibo. There are no special figures created for the game, but all amiibo created for Super Smash Bros. 4 work with this game. Upon scanning an amiibo, a special Myth is created. This unfortunately erases the SSB4 data, so be careful.

The second picture is of both gender variants of Mitha standing on Super Smash Bros. Y's Battlefield stage, with Homna floating between them.

The Mythikal/Smash crossover doesn't end there! Mitha has become a new Smasher in the first true game in the Pyro Nintenverse! Gameplay-wise, Mitha plays like a combination of Rosalina and the Pokémon Trainer, switching between Myths which complement their attacks. Mitha even has a similar gender swap-based costume set to Robin!

April 8th, 2015 - N/A

Not enough time. Sorry, guys.

April 7th, 2015 - Mother U

The picture shows Aaron and Christina walking down a street in a large city. It appears to be much larger than their hometown of Youngford, and the buildings seem to be made of a strange black marble-like material. A few NPCs are walking around, and one seems to be running a hot dog cart of sorts.

The world of Mother U is just as strange and varied as the past games. The city of Adoleci is no exception. From the World Wide Mailroom to the Golden Glory Arcade, there are tons of wild things to keep you interested.

This food salesman is no mere NPC, either. He's the Super Fabulous Cooking Guy, a world-famous celebrity. Give him food items, and he'll cook up more powerful food with enhanced abilities. Of course, delisauce could have a similar effect...

April 6th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 3

The picture shows a similar image to the last poll- two separate pictures divided by a red line. The picture on the left shows a slightly redesigned Princess Shroob attacking Mario with a cloud of poison, while the picture on the right shows Dark Bowser grabbing and throwing his normal counterpart.

With a 2-0 win, countering has gone from something only certain people could do to a fully-fledged maneuver for all characters!

The next poll is for a character that will represent to Mario and Luigi series- in villain form. You can be safe in knowing that, even though both of these characters look like clones, they are not. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

So, who will join the Smash next? Ruthless Invader Princess Shroob? Or Dark Entity Dark Bowser? You decide!

April 5th, 2015 - Mother U

The picture shows Aaron and Christina sitting inside a small cafe, decorated with Easter-based objects. The two are simply drinking coffee, and there are a few other NPCs inside the cafe. There is also a strange jukebox in the corner that appears broken and has the letters D, B, and U on it- two other letters are obscured by dirt.

Happy Easter!

This shot of a game I haven't done in a while is from the game's Drifter Cafe, a rest stop for travelers of all kinds. The location is unique among the game's locations, as it actually gets decorated for holidays depending on the system's internal clock.

That jukebox also serves a purpose. Only players who truly go and see everything the game has to offer will be able to access it.

April 4th, 2015 - The Legend of Zelda: Worlds Below

The picture shows Link walking through a tunnel with Zelda at his side. The picture has two variants, one with a small Link head icon next to four hearts, the other with a Zelda head icon.

Thanks to the addition of partners, this game just got a lot more puzzle potential. I've come up with a lot of dungeon and boss ideas, but oddly enough, they all seem to revolve around the partners more than dungeon items.

As shown here, you aren't limited to playing as Link. You can switch between characters at any time, and as Link, a wheel-like glyph is shown at the bottom screen. Fiddling with this enables you to switch out partners on the fly, making later dungeons even more varied.

April 3rd, 2015 - GigaDirect

Well, I figured I've been gone for a while, so I've decided to start GigaDirects. GigaDirects will hopefully not be common, but if I'm ever gone for extended periods of time, you can expect one of these to pop up. They will contain noticeably more info than usual, and are often accompanies by a (fake) trailer.

First off, massive character reveal for Super Smash Bros. Y!

  • Twilight Princess, Midna!
  • Cyber-Combatant, Sukapon!
  • Hot-Rodding Hero, Mach Rider!
  • Tenor Trio, Chorus Kids!
  • Power Manager, Toad!
  • And the Smash Avatar, Mii!

Next, a little trailer for a redeveloped version of my old Luck of The Draw game, now known as Lucky Break. The title is the least changed thing, believe me.

The trailer opens with a perfectly calm lake. The camera zooms in, revealing a small wooden boat with three people in it- a young boy with blue leather clothing, a muscular man wearing green armor, and a teenage girl wearing red witch's clothing. The three seems to simply be sitting, not responding to anything around them.

  • Knight: How long have we been out here? Days? Weeks?
  • Mage: Approximately 4 days. It seems like longer since we have nothing to pass the time.
  • Knight: Hey, kid. Have you found anything on the water that we could use.
  • Thief: *munches turkey leg* Ummmm... Yes and no.
  • Knight: Groan... I thought when the king requested us to find the Eternal Garden of Adei, we'd be off gallivanting through the woods, not stuck in some crappy lifeboat.
  • Mage: So, it's not enough that you crashed our original boat. Now you have to complain all the way to land. Typical.
  • Knight: Listen here, witch...
  • Thief: Hey, wait, guys. I know that things are looking bad, but I know we can do this. The king hand-picked us for this job. Besides, that garden has riches beyond human comprehension.
  • Mage: True. There's nothing the three of us can't handle when we unite.
  • Knight: *grumble*
  • Thief: At least look on the bright side. Things can't get any-
  • (sudden torrential downpour)
  • Knight: Don't tell me- you were going to say "worse".
  • Thief: Nope.
  • Mage: You sure?
  • Thief: Absolutely not.
  • Knight: Alright, let's find land before the kid screws things up even more.

The trio paddles away as the trailer fades to black.

March 2015

March 29th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 2

The picture shows two separate scenes divided by a red line, both of which show Marth fighting against Kirby. While one picture shows Kirby guarding against one of Marth's attacks, the other shows Kirby performing a forward smash attack, with the heartbeat effect used in SSB4's counter attacks.

Well, the results of the last poll showed a clear preference towards Midna as a playable character over Zant, so the Twilight Princess is joining the Smash! Art will come soon.

The second poll will focus less on characters and more on gameplay mechanics.

I was asking a more competitive friend of mine on why, despite maining Marth, he never countered. He stated that it felt a bit cheap for certain characters to have the powerful maneuver, and that it would feel a lot more fair if all characters were capable of countering. This got me thinking.

Should certain characters have counters built into their moveset? Or should those moves be replaced/changed as countering becomes a new technique all characters can do? You decide!

March 28th, 2015 - Heart to Heart

The picture shows Ema standing in a park in the middle of the night, completely alone. She is crouching on the ground as her chest glows various colors, and various people wearing black robes are surrounding her.

I'm trying to make Heart to Heart a bit darker than my usual stuff. The Cardiarium are one aspect of this- typically cults dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the human heart through multiple sacrifices isn't something I do.

Likewise, Ema's powers aren't typical superpowers. They physically hurt her if she doesn't give complete control of her body to one of her personas. She can even be seen crying in scenes like this where her powers go out of control- understandable when her heart has been replaced with a magical artifact with unknown potential.

March 27th, 2015 - Psychostorm

The picture shows a slightly redesigned Austyn hovering in a multicolored void, his hands glowing with purple energy. One hand is generating a shield of psychic energy, while the other is holding one of his signature drumstick weapons. Dark tentacles stretching from the sides of the screen suggest Austyn is fighting a monster of some kind.

I entered the Series Swap contest and got The Psychic as my result. While the original version played out like a normal RPG, this spin-off, titled Psychostorm, plays a bit differently.

The game acts like a action-RPG hybrid, or more accurately like a combination of Zelda and Pokémon, with Austyn actively having to dodge and attack opponents on his own, while having special techniques equipped to him like moves from the RPG series. Don't worry- the crossover aspects of the series are still intact.

As for the story- let's just say it involves a more traumatic version of Austyn gaining his powers.

March 26th, 2015 - Shojo Ultima

The picture simply shows a black screen with a pink sillouette of a girl. A bracelet on her hand seems to be glowing unusually brightly, giving off a white glare.

Behold an upcoming project. I'm not going to say much about it, but this will be my answer to Exo's Strong Hand game, a game created as a love letter/parody to anime. Primarily the magical girl-type stuff, as you may be able to tell...

March 25th, 2015 - Heroforce

The picture contains the previously unseen spider-like Hero from the last Heroforce pic stabbing Fera in the chest with a large dagger-like appendage.


I secretly snuck this newcomer Hero into the last pic from this game, so now she gets her official reveal! The newcomer character's name? Arachna.

Arachna is a truly unique fighter, as her main strength comes from not speed or power or range, but getting the drop on her opponents- sometimes literally. Arachna's special abilities include climbing on walls and firing webbing to grapple across the arena, and an opponent taken by surprise will likely be eliminated very quickly, as she also inflicts poison with her normal attacks.

March 24th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture shows Fera fighting on Final Destination against Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Interestingly, the background has a giant floating mask that matches the hands, which have trails of red and blue energy trailing from their wrists.

No pic yesterday. Therefore, big pic today.

First off, the hands get a redesign! This mask seems to be controlling the two hands like a puppeteer, and has seemingly been the source of its power the entire time. The mask is largely cosmetic, never actually attacking, but shattering it could lead to something cool...

The bigger change is actually to Final Destination itself- it only appears when fighting the hands and is no longer a valid selection for a stage. This is actually due to one of the game's goals- to spite the existing competitive community by giving the game Melee-esque physics as demanded, but removing flat stages and the ability to completely remove items. Hopefully, this will result in competitive players expanding their horizons past "No Items Fox Only Final Destination".

It also helps that Fox was cut.

March 23rd, 2015 - N/A

Too busy- not enough time to do a pic. Sorry.

March 22nd, 2015 - Xenolight

The picture shows Klaus and his unnamed female accomplice standing in front of a large screen displaying a large map. The map consists of 6 continents, with a flurry of lines of different colors traveling between them.

Additionally, standing next to the two are two new characters- a bulky member of an amphibian-human hybrid wielding a grenade launcher and a blue Nopon wielding two pistols.

Being a Xeno-series game, Xenolight has to be absolutely ginormous in scope. Here, you can see the world map at any time inside Stellus Corp's headquarters, Klaus's workplace and semi-home (it's not his actual place of residence, but he feels more at home during work than in his leisure time.)

The game possesses 6 continents. Not unlike Earth, these are filled with unique people and cultures- though it goes a bit further than that by having entirely different species scattered across the world as well. Stellus Corp monotransit tunnels dot the landscape, and are used to transport large amounts of materials between continents- of course, there's nothing stopping you from taking the trip yourself on one.

March 21st, 2015 - Metroid: Project S

The picture shows Samus in her updated suit from the original pic inside an abandoned laboratory, with strange plant life growing everywhere. She also appears to be utilizing a never-before-seen dash technique, aimed downwards at an unsuspecting robotic enemy.

The Kinetic Suit seen in both Project S pics so far is an integral part of the game. It replaces Samus's Morph Ball abilities with an omnidirectional dash attack, based off of the shinespark from previous 2D Metroid games.

This dash attack is incredibly versatile- it can break walls, dodge attacks, and even aid in underwater exploration. If all goes as planned, the Morph Ball will be used sparingly alongside this new attack!

March 20th, 2015 - Smash Y Poll 1

The picture shows artwork of Zelda characters Midna and Zant fighting each other. However, in between them is a large red question mark.

Here's a thing.

One lucky character will have the honor of representing Twilight Princess in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Y. However, I don't want them both, and I couldn't decide on my own. I decided to create a poll.

Will the Twilight Princess join the Smash? Or will the Usurper King steal the glory for himself? The choice is yours!

March 19th, 2015 - N/A

Too busy- not enough time to do a pic. Sorry.

March 18th, 2015 - Zelda???

The picture is merely a black screen with two glowing eyes. While one possesses a similar design to the eyes on Majora's Mask, the other is a glowing blue variant similar to the designs seen in Twilight Princess. Aside from the eyes, the only thing in the picture is a bit of text denoting "The End Of A World".

SECRET PROJECT TIME. I'm willing to bet you guys can tell what this game will involve- but it will take some shocking twists compared to normal Zelda games...

March 17th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Y

The picture is simply artwork of two newcomer characters- a samurai dressed in white and red garments, and a girl in a pink kimono. The two have their names listed below them- Takamaru and Motohime.

Smash Y isn't going to be realistic at all. Hence these two.

Instead of representing The Mysterious Murasame Castle, these two actually represent Murasame's Darkness, the fangame I have yet to actually start. That was originally why they had custom art- though, like Exo, I am now going to attempt to do art for all characters, or at least all newcomers.

March 16th, 2015 - Xenolight

The game shows the boy and girl from the first Xenolight picture inside a laboratory, talking to a NPC named Donald with a quest icon over his head. Interestingly, the NPC seems to be referring to the boy as "Klaus", finally revealing the character's name.

Questing is similar to Xenoblade and its sequel, which will be referred to as X in Xenolight-related pics. Players talk to an NPC, get a quest, and immediately receive a reward upon completing it. However, this has been expanded upon for Xenolight, as players can now use the "Active Quest" system.

Players may choose one quest of theirs at anytime as their Active Quest. This means that the map will guide them to the objective, whether it be a monster or fetch quest.

And we finally confirm the main character's name as Klaus.

March 15th, 2015 - The Legend of Evi: Spirit of Hyrule

The picture shows Evi in a market with several people milling about, performing their usual business. Notably, Evi's HUD suggests she is capable of stealing from a fruit stand next to her.

Welcome to Elryia Castle Town, where most of the kingdom's trade occurs. This place is the equivalent to Skyward Sword's bazaar, having everything you could ever really need- of course, you can steal items now as well.

The NPCs in the game run on a 5-day schedule similar to the 3-day schedule in Majora's Mask- but the cycle repeats after Day 5 instead of having the world end.

March 14th, 2015 - Kirby: Solar Star

The picture shows Sword Kirby in an underground lake filled with a mysterious purple liquid. A strange squid-like creature is rising from the lake in the background, and four tentacles tipped with eyes are rising with it. A boss health bar is slowly filling up, with a name underneath saying "Mega Inkinkin".

Mega Inkinkin is just one of the many bosses in Kirby: Solar Star- a monster made out of poisonous ink that seems to have polluted the region with its body. It attacks from the background, spitting balls of ink and trying to slap Kirby with his tentacles.

While past Kirby games had you simply wailing on bosses to defeat them, Solar Star bosses require a bit more skill and timing to solve. For example, Mega Inkinkin remains out of attacking range until his tentacle-eyes have all been defeated. This is easier said than done, as they move around quickly and are rather small. Kirby should've used Archer for this...

March 13th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Quantum

The picture shows Peach, Lucina, Palutena, and Shulk (in his swimsuit costume) resting on a sandy beach. A small jar of a rainbow-colored liquid is sitting next to the four.

Ah... Just a nice, restful picture on a white, sandy beach. But where's it from? Maybe that new item, the Color Bottle, might leave a hint.

The Color Bottle is a strange throwing/healing item hybrid. It deals heavy damage to opponents that it strikes, but then shatters into color droplets. These act as weak recovery items, restoring 2% upon using them. How do they get used? ...Do the Smashers actually drink the color?! Gross.

March 12th, 2015 - Mushroom Bombers

The picture shows a Toad with a red-spotted cap dressed in clothing similar to Bomberman inside a volcano. An unseen monster is leaping out of the lava, and the Toad is prepping a bomb to defend himself.

This here is Bomb, the protagonist of Mushroom Bomber's story mode. Bomb's goal in life is to create the ultimate firework, and he searches across the land for components for it.

Story mode has a few differences from battle mode. First off, Bomb can switch between sub-weapons at will and has 6 HP instead of 3. Secondly, enemies and bosses appear, requiring more strategy beyond simply chucking bombs around.

March 11th, 2015 - Mushroom Bombers

The picture shows four Toads- two with red spots, two with blue- inside a 2D maze. One of the Toads is holding a large bomb, while another is holding a Fire Flower. There is also a Super Mario Galaxy-styled HP meter above each Toad's head.

Mushroom Bombers is the result of the two series I got for the new Unofficial Series Swap Day, being Bomberman and Mario. As such, it is a similar hectic and strategic battle to the Bomberman series, but played from a 2D Mario-styled perspective.

The Fire Flower is one of many sub-weapons players can equip pre-match. While Bombs are always the most prominent weapons in the game, each sub-weapon as a unique ability, from the Propeller Mushroom's recovery abilities to the Ice Flower's freezing powers.

March 10th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Quantum

The picture shows Pikachu being attacked by Lucas, holding the Home-Run Bat. Interestingly, the design seems to have reverted to its pre-SSB4 appearence.

The Home-Run Bat is back! And it's even more powerful than before! In Quantum, fully charging a smash attack with the Home-Run Bat causes the charge to be stored for later. Use a smash attack again to instantly release that powerful swing!

March 9th, 2015 - The Legend of Evi: Spirit of Hyrule

The picture shows four variations on the game's protagonist, Evi. The first is a girl with pale skin and jet black hair, wearing a purple cloak/tunic combination. The second variation has her with slightly more tan skin and brownish-blond hair, with the removal of the cloak and a slightly more muscular build. The third variation has blonder hair, a more feminine body, and a longer cloak, and the final variation has much darker skin, along with red hair and more armor-like clothing.

Evi's morality system actually changes her appearance, unlike most games with similar systems. It's not just a standard good/bad moral choice, either, as it focuses on what the player accomplishes. The first picture is Evi in her completely neutral state.

Variation 1 is the Courage path's conclusion, based on Link. Courage Path Evi is accessed by focusing on sidequests and dungeon crawling over actual world exploration.

Variation 2, Wisdom Path Evi, is the exact opposite. Based on Princess Zelda, the Wisdom path focuses on exploration of Elryia and completion of Evi's Collection Book.

The final path is the Power path, inspired by both Ganon and Exo's Gerudo Link. Power Path Evi is obtained by focusing on combat- or drastically going out of your way to have Evi be a villainous character.

March 8th, 2015 - ElectroLink

The picture shows the player looking at constructs made of grey and silver metal. Trails of green slime are smeared over the constructs, with small designs of the slime appearing at certain intervals in the trail.

Been a while since we've visited this little game, eh?

Anyways, there are two of the game's materials in this picture, Rockinium and Stelite. Rockinium, the grey material, does not conduct electricity and is often going to be used for the foundation of player's constructs. The silver material is Stelite, and actually does conduct electricity, so is going to be used for the actual circuitry of constructs.

March 7th, 2015 - Sick Day

Sorry, I'm really sick. No pic today.

March 5th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Quantum

The picture shows a menu labeled "Smash Party", and a series of options are shown, each displaying a different board. The currently selected board is labeled "Mario Bros. Island", and is shown to have an Item Shop, Smash Sphere, and Secret Shop in a buildings list. There is also a Turn Number setting and a "How To Play" option.

Welcome to the new and improved Smash Tour clone, Smash Party!

Smash Party is played almost identically to Mario Party, and distances itself from Smash Tour. Each series has a board, ranging from the simplistic circle of Mario Bros. Island to the chaotic pathways of Xenoblade Core, and each board has its own unique events.

Boards also have buildings, like shops and the Smash Sphere. Item shops let players purchase items with stat boosts accumulated throughout the playthrough, and the Smash Sphere is essentially the bank but with stat boosts. There are many other buildings on the other maps...

March 4th, 2015 - Axiom

The picture is simply of a black title screen with the logo for a game titled "Axiom" and a small bit of text saying "Press A to Start".


Axiom is a 2D fighting game inspired by a combination of Street Fighter and the Super Smash Bros. series. While stages take place in small corridors like the Street Fighter series, but each stage has unique platforms and divots to differentiate themselves from the standard flat stage.

Another big change is dodging. While characters have lengthy combos similar to SF, shielding and dodging is handled incredibly similarly to Smash Bros. Some stages even have background or foreground layers accessible by dodging up or down.

Axiom will not be worked on here ever.


It's actually going to be worked on over on the Lapis Wiki.

March 3rd, 2015 - Heroforce

The picture shows Fera and an previously unseen spider-like Hero facing off against a massive worm-like creature inside a strange catacomb-like area. The worm has a massive mouth with an eye inside, and has purple lines running down its body.

This here is the first map we've officially revealed, Under. Under is a massive maze-like catacomb that has been dug over centuries by a massive worm-like monster- who is apparently still living there. Under is an ideal map for Heroes with tracking skills or speed, and isn't a good place to be for snipers like Skoru'Da.

Under is also home to the Alpha Mulcherworm, the Boss seen in the photo. Like all Bosses, the lines on its body turn to red or blue depending on which team is doing more damage to it. When it fully changes color, the Boss explodes, wiping out the other team. as such, Bosses have limitless HP, only dying when the color completely changes.

March 2nd, 2015 - Mythikal

The picture shows a female Mitha standing in the middle of a vast field during sunset. Oddly enough, giant crystals are jutting out of the ground, and they absorb the sunlight and glow a brilliant orange.

Mythikal is going to have exploration unlike anything Pokémon has ever done- as such, it seemed like a good idea to make the world more fantastic and interesting, hopefully becoming as memorable as the characters and Myths scattered throughout the game.

This area is known as Crismic Field, and is the first major area after the starting town, known as The Last City. The massive crystals are due to changes in the Earth's crust over the Mythic War, which caused previously normal deposits of quartz to grow out of control. Odds are there are some Myths that get attracted to the large crystals...

March 1st, 2015 - New Hyrule Warriors

The picture shows Link fighting off a horde of Bokoblin in a previously unseen jungle-like setting. While the enemies look normal, Link's weapon is an also previously unseen new one- the Gust Bellows from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

One of the many new weapons in NHW is Link's Gust Bellows weapon, the first weapon of the new Wind element. Wind elemental weapons have the ability to occasionally slow down time for attacked enemies, making them fall slower and attack slower.

The Gust Bellows themselves are capable of both sucking in and expelling air incredibly rapidly. As such, they make a far more useful weapon than in their original appearance, and can even use a massive sonic boom as a Special Attack!

February 2015

February 28th, 2015 - Pokémon Iron and Amber

The picture shows off a menu screen labeled "Custom Trainer". The menu contains a Pokémon (a Cherity named "Test Pokémon) and sliding bars that correspond to each of the Pokémon's stats. There are also several tabs on the bottom screen, showing the screen is on a tab named "IVs", though there are additional tabs for "EVs", "Moves", "Personality", and "Other". There are also two arrows on the side of Cherity, presumably to switch between Pokémon.

In Iron and Amber, EV Training is a thing of the past- all thanks to the online Custom Trainer menu!

Inspired by the online battle simulator known as Pokémon Showdown, the Custom Trainer menu lets one create a completely customized team for online play. Pokémon and movesets aren't the only things that can be freely chosen- players can edit the natures, EVs, and IVs of a Pokémon however they want, choose normally rare or hidden Abilities, and equip items that the player hasn't actually obtained in gameplay.

However, due to conceivable spoilers, Custom Trainer isn't unlocked until the post-game, and even then, legendaries have to be caught in order to be used. Aside from that, everything can be fully customized. Custom Trainer is also a special setting in the online Battle Spot, so players that haven't unlocked it won't be caught off guard by a competitively-developed team.

February 27th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Quantum

The picture shows Olimar fighting against newcomers Brittany Charlie on a new stage that appears to be based off of the Tropical Wilds from Pikmin 3. In the background, the area's boss, known as the Sandbelching Meerslug, appears to be shooting balls of mud onto the battlefield.

Olimar, Brittany, and Charlie all use Pikmin in their moveset, but each one uses them differently. Olimar has reverted to his Brawl style, and uses 5 Pikmin of randomly chosen colors. He also once again uses his Pikmin Chain move for recovery, but it has been drastically boosted in range and shoots out diagonally, making it far more useful.

Brittany uses 8 Pikmin, but like SSB4 Olimar, these Pikmin are plucked in a set order. Brittany also plucks Pikmin with her Down Special- her Neutral Special is Swarm, which orders all Pikmin near her to swarm and hopefully overwhelm the nearest opponent. Since she cannot recall them, however, they will most likely die at some point.

Charlie is pretty much SSB4 Olimar- he uses 3 Pikmin and has Winged Pikmin for his Up Special. However, Charlie's Pikmin are always guaranteed to be Rock Pikmin. Rock Pikmin are much more powerful than the other variants used by Olimar and Brittany, but are incapable of latching on to opponents, instead dealing heavy damage and knockback on contact. The weight mechanic for Winged Pikmin is also back, but is enhanced, as Rock Pikmin are far heavier than normal ones.

February 26th, 2015 - Kirby: Solar Star

The picture shows Kirby in an underwater cavern, flying over a chasm with Spynums sniping at him. Interestingly, Kirby seems to be sweating, and while a small blue bar under his HP is running low, his HP seems to be completely full, indicating that the blue bar is the cause of his condition. Kirby is also utilizing a new ability apparently known as the Sand ability, as the name appears on his health bar and he is wearing an orange and yellow turban, unseen in any past ability.

I once stated that Solar Star was intended to be the Dark Souls of the Kirby series, with harder bosses, more challenging stages, and genuinely difficult puzzles. The biggest change, however, is that Kirby can on longer fly.

The blue bar beneath his HP is his air bar, which determines how long he can stay in the air- every jump takes away part of the bar, and five jumps will completely deplete it, making Kirby fall to his doom (or the ground). Luckily, the Hi-Jump, Beetle, and Wing abilities remove this restriction.

February 25th, 2015 - Super Smash Bros. Quantum

The picture shows returning Smashers Mario, Little Mac, and Zelda alongside newcomer Wonder-Red on the new Battlefield design. Interestingly enough, all three of the returning Smashers have small devices on their chests that resemble the one on Wonder-Red's, and Little Mac is seen attacking with a large Unite Hand.

The first pic that isn't for a rebooted game!

One of the many new items that Quantum has to offer is the Shirogane Drive, hailing from The Wonderful 101. The source of a Wonderful One's power, this device is what enables the usage of Unite Morphs. In Smash, the Shirogane Drive can be worn like the Franklin Badge and Screw Attack items, and will cause melee attacks to generate Unite Morphs, drastically upping their range and power. A Unite Morph smash attack is really going to hurt!

February 24th, 2015 - Xenolight

The picture shows two people, a boy and a girl, inside a massive city, standing in front of a large bronze statue. The statue appears to be of a comet-like object, but with a more humanoid design. The sky is filled with unnaturally bright stars, and a shooting star is streaking by.

Today's pic is also about a game that's getting a reboot. However, unlike Project S, I haven't actually made the page for this yet, and this is likely going to be much less of a change. This project was originally titled Starlight, and featured a Xenoblade Chronicles-styled exploration and combat system (with a few major changes). Eventually, I just decided that it was a slight rip-off mechanics-wise, so now it's intended to be another spiritual sequel to Xenoblade. The general plot remains from the original, but other things have changed slightly.

And also Nopon.

February 23rd, 2015 - Metroid: Project S

The picture shows an image of Samus and Ridley fighting in a strange hallway of sorts. Interestingly, Samus is not wearing her normal suit, but a blue and white variant with strange attachments on the shoulders.

Oh, hi there! Well, I guess you know about the PyroVision Direct, then. I'll be adding a new "picture" daily, so keep checking if you want more information on the various games Pyro Enterprizes is working on.

Today's pic is actually from a game I already had on Fantendo, but have decided to reboot. From this point on, Metroid: Power Shift will be known as Metroid: Project S... and also shift from a 3D to a 2D game. Hopefully Project S will be updated more. Also, take note of Samus's new suit. Shiny, eh?

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