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Pyoro Madness!! is a spin-off of Pyoro Blast!!, which are mini-games that do refrence Pyoro Blast!! many times. This does not feature any "evil" goig on, rather just a fun game to play.


About six months after the events of Pyoro Blast!!, Pyoro was reading "FLIGHT WEEKLY" newspaper, until feel of the couch by acident knocking ove rhis lamp, kitchen table, and TV. Wounded, a red ticket slowly falls down. He grabs it, and is invited to go to the Flying Things Festival!

There, he realizes that his own species is here! They all look different. He can now change his fur, buy things, and play cool mini-games and attractions!


  • Vertical Minigames (Minigames played by holding the Wii Remote sideways, mostly platformer games)
  1. Feast Fight – In one area, all four Pyoros must duel hopping on eachother, kicking eachother, and punching eachother for food. However has the most wins.
  2. Trample – One Pyoro has the chace the others who are running away from him with a gaint rolling ball to flatten them.
  3. Trampoline – All Pyoros are bouncing on a giant trampoline, and each part they bounce on dissappears. The last survivor is the winner.
  4. Swimmin' for Gold – All Pyoros are in an underwater cave. They have to look for giant golden coins that have Pyoro on them. In a time of 120, however has the most golden coins win.
  • Normal Minigames (Minigames played by holding the Wii Remote up, has a large variety)
  1. Flying Rock Block – All Pyoros are holding up rifles trying to shoot away Flying Rocks. The more they get shot, the more they come. The last one standing wins, because when you get hit, your out.
  2. Dodgeball Derby – Aiming the cursor, A tosses a mini-comb ball, and B moves Pyoro.
  3. Knockback Race – Pyoro moves on the cursor, and you have to avoid planets; water slows you down, fire burns you, normal knocks you out, getting burned or smushed because of a ormal planet gets you out, and the last person standing wins.
  • Ninja Minigames (Hard and require reflexes, while using the Nunchuck)
  1. ATK and DEF – In a fight, you must choose DEF if you think they're going to choose ATK, and ATK if you think they're going to say ATK. To make it eaiser to win, you change course like DEF when your about to use ATK during action to trick and hit them.
  2. Climb – All Pyoros are climbing a ladder, while obstacles are in the way. You must shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck up and down to move on.

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Purchasble Things

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