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Pyoro Blast!! is a game for the Wii coming out in April 16th. This is the first game to star Pyoro to his own game coming from WarioWare. The game is strangely similar to Super Mario Galaxy.


An Earthquake caused most of the Mushroom World's ground become gravitonoal balls floating in the sky, and monsters from underground came up, too. Meanwhile, Pyoro, who has a house in the sky, was relaxing until the impact of flying land shook him, and made him fall off his sofa spilling coffee everywhere. He looks outside, only to see floating land made up of balls rotating his house. He then goes on a quest to bring the world back to it's normal self, and defeat all the monsters.


Pyoro must aim at a Planet and activate an Air Stream for him to fly to there. Pyoro can also use Beak Stretch to damage things, and use his tounge to gobble things up. If he charges, he skids, then runs very fast. Delicate enemies can also be killed this way. Certain apples can power Pyoro up temporally. Every time the player starts the game, he starts at Pyoro's House, and different colour Air Streams can be left off where the player was on level. If the player dies, Pyoro goes flying to the ocean off from any planet.
  • Nunchuck – Run Around
  • D-Pad – Camera Angle Change
  • A – Jump
  • Hold A – Fly/Flutter
  • B – Aim Air Stream
  • + – Pause
  • - – Save
  • 1 – Save
  • 2 – Save
  • C – Aim Air Stream
  • Z – Charge
  • Shake Wii Remote – Beak Stretch Attack
  • Shake Nunchuck – Tounge Attack

Ball Land Types

  • Grassy – Basic, sometimes a few extras.
  • Iron – Magnetic ones that have Pyoro blow it up just to free himself.
  • Bubble – Ones made up of water that Pyoro can swim through.
  • Forzen Bubble – Ones slippery and can be walked on, charging on an Air Stream can break them open, three times to turn it back to a normal Bubble.
  • Flattened Land – Normal, but has not gravity added to it.
  • Rocky – Cannot be walked on, must use a monster to get across– it's made up of rock spikes.
  • Fruit – Giant fruits that can be smushed, and have giant worms and secret caves in them.
  • Lava Bubbles – Ball lands of lava! When Pyoro touche sit, he goes flying to the nearest planet (or to the ocean) and burn until it goes away. If a Bubble touches it, it turns into a Rocky Planet.
  • Glass Ball – Like a Frozen Bubble, except there's no water in it and it's not slippery, but breakable.
  • Dead Ball – Has dead, spooky trees in it, and sometimes a haunted house.
  • Bomb – A giant, black one that has a cyclinder with a rope in it on fire. Pyoro must escape it before it explodes, sending him to the ocean.


  • Brown Eyed Monster – He floats around the ball land Pyoro is on, and tries to slam into him. When he attacks, he gets Dizzy, giving oyoror the change to attack his eye with his beak.
  • Blue Eyed Monster – He shoots lasers at Pyoro. Pyoro must eat the laser, and jump and spit it out back into the monster's eye.
  • Yellow Eyed Monster – When he charges, it breaks the ball land Pyoro is on. To beat him, Pyoro has to attack each of his eyes with his beak.
  • Eyed Monster Snake – A bunch of Eyed Monsters follow eachother, and Pyoro must use Charge to seperate them, and Air Stream them to knock each other down.
  • Queen Bug – A giant Stinger Bug, who can break and toss ball lands. Pyoro must use his beak to attack her legs so she falls on a ball land, and Pyoro must charge her to a Bubble.
  • King Bug – An even bigger Stinger Bug who breathes fire. Pyoro must eat a fireball, and blast him into a Bubble. However, there's only one. Pyoro must Charge open more Frozen Bubbles if there are no more Bubbles.
  • Bullworm – A gaint, poisonous worm inside the largest Apple Planet. Pyoro must use Charge to find Seeds, and spit them at Bullworm on the surface to make him get stunned, all the poison run-off, and attack him by using Beak Stretch. Everytime Pyoro hits him, he gets more faster and smarter.
  • Evil Pyoro – Pyoro's doppelganger! Pyoro must beat him head-on with every move he has, because Evil Pyoro has the same powers! Also, he's the final boss!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ape Tosser – A giant Monkey Tosser who tosses big comb balls, like Pyoro.
  • Snowman – The level is the boss? Beat him by Charging into his eye, standing on his giant wooden neck collar.


  • Phlight – A fly-like creature that bites Pyoro.
  • Stinger – A bee-like creature that flies and shoots stingers that shock Pyoro.
  • Siderz – A bettle-like creature that side-flies, and will drop to lift Pyoro biting him.
  • Fly Rock – A Phlight inside a rock that charges at Pyoro, dangerous to eat. When they land, a Phlight comes out.
  • Flash Bug – Takes the form of any enemy, and when beak striked, turns into a Special Fruit.
  • Rotten Fruit – A black or purple fruit that has a ghoul face that chases after Pyoro and is toxic to eat.
  • Blooper – Enemies inside Bubbles.
  • Cheep Cheep – Enemies inside Bubbles.
  • Piranha Plant – A venus fly trap-like enemy who stands in one place trying to eat Pyoro.
  • Venus Fire Trap – A Piranha Plant who spits out fireballs.
  • Venus Ice Spitter – A blue Pirahna Plant who spits out Ice Beams.
  • Monkey Tosser – A Monkey that tosses spikey coconuts at Pyoro.
  • Snowbasher – A snowman that tosses snowballs and uses Charge.

Apple Types

  • Green Apple – Gives Pyoro points and health.
  • Red Apple – Turns Pyoro into Mega Pyoro! Charge can even destroy a ball land!
  • Blue Apple – Gives Pyoro an extra long beak and a tounge that can eat anything.
  • Yellow Apple – Two Mini-Pyoros come, which can't be blasted off with and you lose them when they get hit. You keep them when you die at Pyoro's House. They are also have powerful has Pyoro, but are clumsy.


  1. Balls of Flowers Begin– The first level, and Tutorial level. The only enemies around are Piranha Plants and a few bugs.
  2. Watch Out for Flying Rocks! – This has Pyoro find Running Keys, while Falling Rocks try to hit him. When he gets a key, a long Airstream appears, so Pyoro can get on with the level. Eventually, he gets to a Rocky Ball Land, where he is to hop around on Platforms to finish the level.
  3. Flying Forests – Bigger ball lands are here with more trees. This level introduces Monkey Tossers, as well.
  4. Beware of Things with 60 Eyes – The level has a remix of Pyoro S's theme, and at the end, an Eyeball Monster appears!
  5. Tornado Terror – A giant Tornado came, and Pyoro will have trouble with Airstreams blasting off to different ball lands.
  6. Dodgeball! – Giant comb balls are here, and Monkey Tossers are back. A boss is Ape Tosser, a giant onee who tosses giant comb balls as well.
  7. Penguin Pyoro – Bubbles debut here. Most of the level takes place underwater.
  8. Rocky Madness – All the ball lands are Rocky ones! This level is very tough.
  9. Traditionoal Earth Gravity – There's no ball lands or Airstreams, just Pyoro running around on flat lands.
  10. Monster Bash – A large, hard level with all the ball lands so far, and at the end, a Blue Eyeball Monster comes!
  11. Frozen Wasteland of Ball Lands – Debuts Frozen Bubbles, and Snowbashers.
  12. Crack Open Winter – This level has long Air Streams stuck inside Forzen Bubbles, and has Pyoro use small Airstreams and Charge to break them open to get to the next area. Cheep-Cheeps also appear here.
  13. The Great Snowman Climb – A giant, floating snowman appears has a fortress, and Snowbashers, Venus Fire Traps, Venus Ice Breathers, and Bugs try to stop Pyoro from getting to the top. At then top, it's revealed that the snowman is a monster, and Pyoro must charge on his eyes to defeat him.
  14. Fallfly – This level is not like the others. Pyoro is falling while damaging obstacles fly along. To make Pyoro stop, the player must shake the Wii Remote a lot. At the end of the level, the Red Eyeball Monster appears! It's even more harder, because the player is exuasted from fighting Snowman and shaking the Wii Remote.
  15. Deserted Land – A spooky place with Boos and other enemies on ball lands with dead trees on them and sometimes pieces of broken haunted house. Scared, haring walk noises, he is ambushed by Evil Pyoro! Evil Pyoro's fist crashes into the ground, and breaks the ball land into wood chips and leaves, sending them to a normal ball land. Beating Evil Pyoro knowing his own moves, he flies off the ship, and Pyoro gets his ball land destroyed by a missile, sending him to a Magnet ball land.
  16. Magnetic Mayhem! – First Pyoro must march his way to a switch to turn the magnets off, but sends him to a Bomb Ball Land! Pyoro must escape before getting blown off to the sea. After a series of magnet and bomb ball lands, he finally boards the ship.
  17. Metabase's Challenge – Metabase's General, blows Pyoro away to a normal ball land. He says to Pyoro he should just try to get aboard. He then burns the ball land, turning it to glass and setting Pyoro on fire. He then shoots rocks at Pyoro. After escaping, Pyoro again gets whacked away this time to a Ice Ball Land, while rocks going through it. Pyoro must climb on a ladder to a Bomb Ball Land using an Air Stream to hit it at the general's dock. Mad, he parks on a valcano, drains Lava out of it, and launches it at Pyoro has Lava Ball Lands. If Pyoro uses Charge, he can turn the lava into rocks with platforms (while having rocks shoot at him), then using an Air Stream into the general's dock. He then presses the abort button to launch Pyoro to a series of Bomb Ball Lands, and then Pyoro encounters a new ball land, the Wooden Ball Land, which he can get hurt from using Charge, and it vibrates if you jump. Using Charge, he can send splinters to the deck, defeating the general. Wounded, he gets into a ship blasting off.
  18. The Bug's Nest – The Metabase then crashes into the nest of Bugs. Pyoro gets inside the nest. In it, he finds the obstacle honey. He must keep jumping to keep a float. Inside, a bunch of bugs are buzzing around. But it's quite dark in there. They open holes and use spot lights to try to spot Pyoro climbing around on honey comb. If spotted, he'll drop and go to the hidden level "Pit of Bugs". If he goes through successful, going through a cavern of honey, he combats the Queen Bug. Beating her, Pyoro must run away from a swarm of Bugs, and escape sending the colony into a giant Water Ball Land.
  19. Hidden Level: Pit of Bugs – Pyoro's in a stadium with honey around it and lights. A bunch of Bugs will come in. Pyoro must beat them all. If the swarm is way to big, Pyoro can destroy all the lights so he can climb to rock honey combs to destroy the bugs. But the lights regenerate. If Pyoro manages to beat all the bugs, the queen will come in with another swarm. Beating her, Pyoro climbs to the top and escapes the nest before it falls into a Giant Water Ball Land.
  20. The Land of the Yellow Fruit – Pyoro finds a huge yellow tree with blue fruit on it. Of course, the Yellow Fruit dooplegangs the one who eats it. But what do you think nasty fruit does to little clones? It makes them turn against you. Little Pyoros out of fruit can be found to, which are easily exposed to nasty fruit. Pyoro needs to use little buddies to defeat 3 Eye Ball Monsters at the same time!
incomplete section, be done soon!


Other Modes


Different colour Pyoros fight eachother or race.


By collecting Game Cardagites, you can unlock the Pyoro Minigames from teh WarioWare Series in 3D!

Offical Artwork

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