Pyoro Arcade
Developer(s) Fire Software
Publisher(s) Soonbird
Platform(s) Nintendo Arcade System
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Arcade

Pyoro Arcade, known as Ritoru Bādo (literally "Little Bird") in Japan, is an upcoming Nintendo Arcade System game currently being developed by Fire Software.

Game OverviewEdit

This game is a parody of the popular video game character, Pyoro. This is not to be confused with a fan game, as it is instead a parody.


The game was shown briefly at S3. The game consists of four games that involve Pyoro. The player must get a high score in order to get on the scoreboards.

Easter EggsEdit

One of the game's programmers, Kiya Lynn, leaked a sneak peek of an Easter Egg, where if the player fills the high-score board up entirely with the score of 100, Pyoro will turn yellow. If the player scores 200 points with a yellow Pyro, a troll face will pop up with "U Mad bro?" under it. If the player then waits ten minutes, a screen will pop up with fsjal that says "I ain't even mad". If the player then waits five more minutes, a screen that says "Get a life" will appear along with Onette's theme from Earthbound.


There has been controversy regarding the Easter Egg, as some fans think it has a hidden meaning.

Legal IssuesEdit

Nintendo sued Soonbird for copyright infringement for using their character Pyoro and using the music from Earthbound for the equivalent of $100,000,000 and lost.