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Pyoro is a red bird who has a stretchable beak and a long tounge. He's a big eater and has a stomach the size of his torso. He is shockingly similar to Yoshi, which they're even best friends.


Gaming Busniess

Pyoro was famous for his series based on him, and having a gaming rivalry shared with Wario. Wario has even stolen his games and put them in his just to make it better.

Sky Adventure

During the events of Pyoro Blast!!, the Mushroom World had a dangerous Earth Quake sending all of it's land into circulaur, gravity pulled balls. Due to Pyoro being in the sky, he was able to go on a Sky Quest. He then found out it was the Anti-Earth Snake that caused the Earth Qua#ke, and he defeats him saving the Mushroom World.

Pyoro Arcade

Pyoro was the star of the game Pyoro Arcade, developed by Fire Software. Not much is known about the game yet.

WarioWare: 3 Dimensions

In this game appears he as a minigame.

Powers & Ablities

Pyoro has many abilites. He has a nearly bottomless stomache. His beak can also stretch his beak to strike enemies down or break open things. He also has a long, pink tounge, even more longer then Yoshi's.

Names he was called in Pyoro Blast!!

  1. Red Penguin Guy
  2. Red Penguin Guy-Thing
  3. Pyro
  4. Young Hopper
  5. Long-Toungy
  6. Bitechop