Puzzled Islands is the first level of World 2 in Super Mario Pirate Adventure. There are 2 new enemies on this island: Wigglers and Madibugs (from SMG).


Power Stars

The Floating Island

There are 10 islands you must visit.

The first one is an optical illusion. There are many orbs racing. You have to catch the sapphire one.

Next, you will be in a purple island, fenced. You must follow the instructions carefully in the time limit.

3rd One: You must make it out of the maze.

4th One: Use logic to open the enterance

5th One: Get the Key to the gate to unlock it. (Lybernyth Style)

6th One: Defeat all the Mandibugs in rainbow order.

7th one: Same as the 1st one, except they are in cups.

8th one: Use a Fire Flower to melt the snow, and heat up water.

9th One: Use teh switches to build a staircase to the Launch Star.

Then, you will be teleported to a final island. When you get there, you will be flying. It takes you directly to rainbow road. You must grab a kart, and race Petey Piranha and Chow Mein. He will give you a power star #19 at the end.

Bugaboom's Third Appearance BowserEmblemPA

You need Bowser for this mission. You start out at island 1 again., but without the puzzles. Instead, about 12 wigglers start dashing at Bowser. Get Bowser to breathe fire.

You will then be teleported to Bugaboom's Island. Bowser must grab a Tanooki Suit, and knock him down to the ground. When Bugaboom is down, you must breathe fire on him. When that is done, collect Power Star #20.

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