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Puzzle is Professor Layton's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. When Professor Layton breaks the Smash Ball, the entire screen goes black and the music stops. After that, a simple puzzle appears and the four combatants, including Layton, have to solve that puzzle within a certain time limit, usually 10 seconds. If Layton solves it, then the entire screen goes black again, Layton appears and does his famous poses when solving a puzzle, and points at the screen. All other combatants fly off the screen, receiving 50%-56% damage. If he fails. he does his famous poses again, then pulls down his hat with embarrasment. Each time, there will be a different puzzle for the combatants to solve.

There are eight in total. Each puzzle works the same way as the minigames in WarioWare,Inc. from SSBB. Below is a list of some of the puzzles.

Layton when succeeding his Final Smash. (Click on the icon)

  • Puzzle 1: Break the blocks under 10 seconds to reveal the hidden shape.
  • Puzzle 2: In a complete, black background, find the hidden man.
  • Puzzle 3: Break the block and acquire the key.
  • Puzzle 4: Lift the hats and find the key.
  • Puzzle 5: Solve the maze.
  • Puzzle 6: Many items of 4 kinds appear simultanously on the screen, drag them and place them in their category.
  • Puzzle 7: Find the differences.
  • Puzzle 8: Drag the ball to the finish without touching the walls.


''''Nintendo DS - Professor Layton and the Curious Village (2007)

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