Puzzle & Dragons the Legend of Zelda Edition is an upcoming game for the 3DS and the second Nintendo game to collide with GungHo Games, the makers of Puzzle & Dragons. This game is avalaible along with Puzzle & Dragons X as a double pack. Gameplay is the same only with a Zelda theme and you get to explore a main hub world called Castle Town.


Long ago in ancient times, there was once a champion who could tame fierce monsters and harness the power of the five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark. When he passed he left his wisdom and elemental secrets to his five apprentices who later became the Elemental Sages. Thousands of years later, those elemental powers are crystalized in the form of orbs that are used for resources. Some monsters are also used as pets. Link a young boy living in Castle Town, the capital of Hyrule. One day, Princess Zelda loses her scarf in the wind, Link finds it and decides to return it to her. Link gives Zelda back her scarf since it was special to her. She says it was her late fathers and whenever she wears it, it makes her feel safe. Zelda rewards our hero with a gift, a mysterious bracelet that was beleved to be from the great champion. Suddenly a dark puff of smoke comes crashing into the castle and turns into a shadowy youth. He introduces himself as Zever, a dark wizard who can control monsters, who wants Zelda as his queen. Zelda doesn't want to so to punsih her, he kidnaps the princess and locks her in his dungeon. Link becomes furious and challenges Zever to a sword fight but was easily defeated. Just when Link is nearly defeated, the Champion's Bracelet shines bright and summons a Deku Scrub and an Octorok to battle and together they defeated Zever. Zever says he already got what he came for and vansihes. A fairy named Jinx says the only way to beat the dark wizard is to first collect Triad Charms and then find the descendants of the Elemental Sages. With Jinx, a small army of befriended monsters, and powerful orbs at hand, Link sets out to Zever's castle to rescue princess Zelda.


Link- a young boy living the capitol city of Castle Town. After returning Zelda's scarf, he sets out on a journey with his fairy companion Jinx to rescue the princess from Zever. After finding all three Triad Charms, Link uses them to find the Aeos Sword.

Zelda- princess of the kingdom of Hyrule. A fair young maiden with great wisdom and is seen wearing a long scarf that belonged to her late father. She was later kidnapped by Zever so he can force her to marry him. When she refused, the dark wizard locked her in his dungeon.

Zever- a dark wizard who controls an army of fierce monsters and wields the Kaos Sword, a blade forged by Ganon himself. Zever wants Zelda to be his queen but she doesn't want to so he decides to force her into marriage.

Jinx- Link's fairy companion. She is somewhat selfish but has a heart of gold.

Carlo- a young mink living the Deku Forest. Minks are anthropomorphic animals who usally live in the forests of Hyrule but often come to villages and cities to mingle and do business with Hylians just like Gorons and Zoras. Carlo is one of the five Elemental Sages and the Sage of Wood.

Gadunia- a Goron miner who lives on Death Death Mountain. He is one of the five Elemental Sages and the Sage of Fire.

Ruta- a free spirited Zora surfer form Zora's Coast. She is one of he five Elemental Sages and Sagenof Water.

Impa- a goth girl who is Zelda's hand maiden and her childhood friend. She disappeared after Link found all three Triad Charms but was later revealed to be one of the five Elemental Sages and the Sage of Dark.

Lao Shi- an elderly Astir monk from the High Monastery. Astirs are human with bird wings. He is leader of the Elemental Sages and the Sage of Light. He is also a skilled martial arts master.








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