Puyo Puyo 7.5 (ぷよぷよ7.5, Puyo Puyo Sebun Pointo Faibu) is a puzzle game created by SEGA for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, PC and iOS. It is the revamped version of Puyo Puyo 7. It also features alternate costumes and a new character, Baby Arle.


In general, all of the characters of the Puyo Puyo 7 return as playable characters along with some of the Puyo Puyo Fever characters that were left out. Ms. Accord, Oshare Bones and Rider return as playable characters, and Witch has become playable as well. Originally Madou Monogatari characters Seriri and Harpy also appear in this game, although both only appear as cameos.

The returning characters make up 23 of the 24 characters. Baby Arle makes her debut in this game.

Baby Arle (ベビーアルル, Bebī Aruru)

Arle reborn as a baby.

The 23 returning characters are:

  • Amitie
  • Arle
  • Carbuncle
  • Dark Arle
  • Dark Prince
  • Draco
  • Ecolo
  • Feli
  • Klug
  • Lemres
  • Lidelle
  • Maguro
  • Ms. Accord
  • Oshare Bones
  • Raffina
  • Ringo
  • Risukuma
  • Rulue
  • Schezo
  • Sig
  • Skeleton T
  • Suketoudara
  • Witch


Like Puyo Puyo 7, only the five legacy game modes have been included: Daihenshin and Puyo Puyo, Puyo Puyo Tsu, Puyo Puyo Fever, and Nazo Puyo. The older game modes have remained relatively unchanged.


The main focus of the game. You either become a child or become an adult when you enter this mode. When you are a child, your field size increases to 10x18 and becomes similar to Fever mode, with the preset chains ranging from a 8 to 30 chain. When you become an adult, your field size decreases to 3x6 and becomes similar to Giant Puyo mode in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary. You keep making chains until your timer runs out, and those chains are added together for a possibility of up to a 99 chain.


The main story follows Ringo's mission to try and stop Puyo from flooding her world. Instead of the course system used in previous games, the story is divided into 7 linear acts, each act taking place in several different areas, and each act being divided into several episodes. Although some characters seem to join the party in a sort of Puyo Puyo~n fashion, the player is only allowed to use Ringo for the first playthrough. Completion of the game allows for the use of the other party members when one replays the episodes, leading to alternate scenarios.

Act 1

Ringo is on the roof of her school, when a bright light appears in the sky and Puyo begin flooding the school. She meets Arle, who explains to her the basics of playing Puyo Puyo. However, Arle suddenly begins to suffer from a mysterious headache and runs off. Ringo then decides to find a way to stop the Puyo from flooding her school.

  • Ringo vs. Skeleton T
  • Ringo vs. Sig
  • Ringo/Sig vs. Skeleton T
  • Ringo/Sig vs. Raffina
  • Ringo/Sig/Raffina vs. Feli
  • Ringo/Sig/Raffina/Feli vs. Witch

After beating Witch, Ringo learns that Amitie is the key to stopping the flood of Puyo and that she is in the shopping district.

Act 2

Ringo runs into Amitie, who apparently has amnesia. Beating Amitie in a match causes her to regain her memories (apparently), and they both set off to stop the mischief being caused by Skeleton T in the shopping district.

  • Ringo vs. Amitie
  • Ringo/Amitie vs. Skeleton T
  • Ringo/Amitie vs. Lemres
  • Ringo/Amitie/Lemres vs. Oshare Bones
  • Ringo/Amitie/Lemres/Oshare Bones vs. Skeleton T
  • Ringo/Amitie/Lemres vs. Klug

After his defeat, Klug divulges the method (which he heard from "Arle") to stopping the space warp that's dropping all the Puyo into Ringo's world.

Act 3

In order to stop the Puyo and return everyone to their own world, Ringo must have a Puyo match with seven people at each of the Seven Wonders of the World (note that some of these are not actual wonders). Ringo and Amitie set off by train to challenge these people at each place.

  • Ringo/Amitie vs. Draco Centauros
  • Ringo/Amitie vs. Schezo Wegey
  • Ringo/Amitie vs. Suketoudara
  • Ringo/Amitie/Suketoudara vs. Rulue
  • Ringo/Amitie/Suketoudara vs. Dark Prince
  • Ringo/Amitie/Suketoudara vs. Carbuncle
  • Ringo/Amitie/Suketoudara vs. Dark Arle

In actuality, playing Puyo with seven people at the seven wonders does not stop the space warp, but instead massively widens it. Despite noticing that something was amiss with Arle, they are too late, and Ringo is warped to another world.

Act 4

Ringo lands in Primp Town, the setting of Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Puyo Fever 2. She meets Dark Prince and Lidelle, whom she teams up with in order to save her possessed friends.

  • Ringo/Dark Prince vs. Lidelle
  • Ringo/Dark Prince/Lidelle vs. Maguro
  • Ringo/Dark Prince/Lidelle/Maguro vs. Risukuma
  • Ringo/Dark Prince/Lidelle/Risukuma vs. Ms. Accord

After saying goodbye to Lidelle and Ms. Accord, Ringo and Dark Prince went on their way to stop Dark Arle.

Act 5

Ringo and Dark Prince, now face-to-face with Dark Arle, have to stop her.

  • Ringo/Dark Prince vs. Dark Arle
  • Ringo vs. Ecolo

Despite her/his victory, Ringo/Dark Prince fails to force Ecolo out of Arle's body, and Ecolo transforms the girl's body he is possessing into his own (much to Ringo's horror), and takes the red-haired girl into some mysterious area. After Ringo defeats him there, Ecolo declares that he's simply going to break down space, effectively destroying all universes.

Act 6

Somehow, the Amitie from the past and several others (some also from the past) managed to make it to where Ringo was. Ringo, the past Amitie, and the past Arle team up and engage Ecolo in a final battle to save all universes and everything, and Ecolo is destroyed for good, but it also costs the present Arle's life.

  • Trio vs. Ecolo

In the epilogue, the present Amitie (who somehow returns to her own world) finds a crying baby girl near her house, then learns that the baby is the newly-reborn Arle, and decides to adopt her as her younger sister. Meanwhile, Ringo is seen back to her normal life in her own world, reminiscing about her experiences and how short-lived it was, and also grieving over Arle's death.

Secret Act


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