Pushmo Park is the brainchild of Papa Blox, an elderly man who created a giant playground of puzzles for the children of the neighborhood all to enjoy. For this park, he invented giant block puzzles called Pushmo, giant structures made of colored blocks which slide in and out of a wall. Unfortunately, it is possible for one to be stuck inside a Pushmo if the blocks retract into the wall with a child still inside, which leads a sumo-like cat named Mallo to solve each and every puzzle to rescue the kids trapped inside.

General Information

Name Pushmo Park Origin Pushmo
Location Pushmo Park Release Date October 5,2011
Availability Default Home Stage of N/A
Size Medium Difficulty Easy-Medium

Stage Layout


 The park itself appears as a large flat platform on a grassy field. In the background is one of four random Pushmo, whose blocks slide in and out on varying intervals. When the blocks slide out, they gain the properties of solid platforms; anyone in front of a block when it slides out is pushed out of the way. After a given amount of time, the Pushmo slides off to the side, to be replaced by a new one.


Number Name Image Description
#1 Chick
The first and smallest of the Pushmo, a picture of a small baby chicken.
#2 Mario
This Pushmo is shaped like an 8-bit portrait of Mario. The blue rectangle containing him is part of the Pushmo, and as such can slide in and out as well.
#3 Balloon Fighter
This particular Pushmo contains a special gimmick not given to the others: manholes. Three pairs of differently colored manholes are in this Pushmo; if two of one pair are both extruded, they open, and a player can travel between the two by pressing down while above one.
#4 Curry Dinner
The widest of the different Pushmo, and the most remarkably balanced.


Song Puzzle Theme #2
From Pushmo
Composer (s) Nintendo

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