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Purps the Yoshi
Purps the Yoshi
Full Name Purps the Yoshi
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
Location Yo'ster Isle
Current Status Alive
Class Neutral
Main Weapon(s) His tongue, Eggs
Element(s) Dark
Ability/ies Egg Lay, Egg Roll, Flutter Jump, Shadow Steal, Dark Manipulation
Vulnerable To Dislikes the colour Gold, Magic-wielders
First Appearance N/A
Latest Appearance N/A
The Boom Squad (Leader)

Anybody who pays well enough

Who the bloody hell are you?
Purps' first meeting with Spinni the Bandit

Purps the Yoshi is one of the main characters of the upcoming Boom Squad series, created byLegionTheHedgehog. He is a purple Yoshi, wearing red boots and unlike usual Yoshi he has a blue saddle and blue spines.


Purps was born on Yo'ster Isle to two Yoshi parents, and he spent most of his time there. However, in the events of The Boom Squad (upcoming game) he had to leave the island to save the Watermelon Kingdom from Spinni the Bandit, a former member of the team, while recruiting the current team along the way. However, he isn't all good. He will work for anybody, as long as the pay is right, even abandoning his own team to do so. Purps isn't the smartest of the group, but he is by far the most brutal, willing to use any methods to get to his goal.


While having not appeared in any games so far, he will be the main character in the upcoming series The Boom Squad.


Purps can use various abilities, including;

  • Egg Roll, where he turns into an egg and... rolls.
  • Egg Lay, where he swallows the foe and turns them into an egg for a limited time.
  • Flutter Jump, where he gets extra air time through the use of his legs.
  • Shadow Steal, where he assimilates the darkness and becomes an opponents' shadow.
  • Dark Manipulation, where he pulls the darkness from around the area and focuses it into one attack. (Similar to Shadow Ball of the Pokémon series)


  • Purps' alias, SYDX, comes from his creator's YouTube channel name, SuperYoshiDX.
  • Purps was originally supposed to be gold.
  • Purps speaks with an English accent. This is due to his creator being from England.

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