A female Purpling in human form.
Main Weapon(s) Ink, various ink-based weapons, booty shake distraction
Ability/ies Squid transformation, turning people into Zario and Waluigi, twerking
Vulnerable To Sheen Estevez
First Appearance Splatan (3845)
Purplings are the main characters of the 3869 game Splatan, and the duetoragonists of the 2938 game Negario's Quest.

They are Inklings covered in purple ink and obsessed with Sheen Estevez. There are no known male Purplings, probably because this species is full of sexist bastards.


They look like a regular Inkling, but are completely purple except for their shoelaces and shoeside designs, which are cyan.


They all used to be Zario's dolls, but are cheaters, since they love Sheen Estevez more and want to be his doll. They like to twerk both on the battlefield and (forcefully) for Zario (previously). They are overall very stupid. They watch Steven Universe. Now, after Zario's passing, they have dedicated their lives to killing Cupid and getting a love potion for Sheen to drink.



  • It, despite being a species, uses a character infobox on its wikia page.
  • Trivia is trivia when trivia is trivia, so trivia has to be trivia if you are a piece of trivia.