If anybody thinks this is a rip-off of Mario's Adventures, I got MM10's permission.

The Purpleverse TV Series is an anime series that was released after the success of Neverworld The First. It stars Purple Guy, Princess Daisy, and Luigi.


Episode Summary Antagonist(s) New Characters
Rising Star Purple Guy Daisy and Luigi investigate a series of bizarre crimes and encounter a fellow vigilante- Purple Guy Oddity Von Smith Luigi, Daisy, Oddity, Purple Guy
Luigi Vs. King Boo: Grudge Match! (pt 1) After Daisy is kidnapped by King Boo, Luigi and Purple Guy must rescue her. But Luigi wants more than to rescue the princess. He wants revenge. King Boo King Boo
Luigi Vs. King Boo: Grudge Match! (pt 2) King Boo has escaped, taking Daisy with him. Luigi and Purple Guy enlist the help of an old enemy to stop him- the Ghost Eater, Blubba Tubba. Can they stop King Boo together? King Boo Blubba Tubba
Mario And Luigi Mario's back in town- and he's bringing Cackletta with him! Cackletta Mario, Cackletta
Waluigi World Waluigi has arrived. Luigi and Daisy are called away on an important mission, leaving Purple Guy and Mario behind to defeat him. But is Waluigi the true villain, or does Purple Guy's friend Sunnyscythe know more than he lets on? Waluigi, Sunnyscythe Waluigi, Sunnyscythe
Janie Twice (pt 1) SILPH Project is commiting a mistories plan and only our heroes can find out what it is SILPH Daisy Clone (Janie Twice), SILPH Director
Janie Twice (pt 2) The disfigured Daisy clone escapes from the hospital. Under the alias Janie Twice, she begins a rampage across the Mushroom Kingdom. King Boo, Janie Twice None

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