DISCLAIMER: This game includes characters from the Litle P and Sandslash Series, but is not part of that series nor in any way connected to it (other than sharing the same characters).

Child of Lightning is a recently-released RPG. It is notable for including obscure characters such as Bomberman. The storyline revolves around Sunnyscythe, a bratty Pichu who moved in on Castle Street (Litle P's neighborhood), taking over the Castle at the end of the street and brainwashing all the "cute" characters in the Fantendoverse. Bomberman, Luigi, and Unten ally with Sandslash P (the only pokemon to escape being brainwashed) to take down Sunnyscythe and free Litle P and his friends.




  • Mametchi (Possessed)
  • Tamagotchi (Possessed)
  • Furowatchi (Possessed)
  • Kizatchi (Possessed)
  • Papakizatchi (Possessed)
  • Mamafurowatchi (Possessed)
  • Hanatarezoutchi (Possessed)
  • Litle P (Possessed)
  • Three Amigoes (Possessed)
  • Toad (Possessed)
  • Princess Cleffa (Possessed)
  • Randy Chrysaline (Possessed)
  • Lotey Chrysaline (Possessed)
  • Poliwrath (Possessed)
  • Little Squirtle AKA Junior Amigo (Possessed)
  • Jiggy P (Possessed)
  • Yoster (Possessed)
  • Koshi (Possessed)
  • Krayt (Possessed)
  • Yumshi (Possessed)
  • Goshi (Possessed)
  • Yoshic (Possessed)
  • Yosteel (Possessed)
  • Yoster (Possessed)
  • Sunnyscythe


  • Prologue- Sunnyscythe
  • Chapter I- Randy & Lotey Chrysaline
  • Chapter II-Jiggy P
  • Chapter III- Princess Cleffa/Litle P
  • Chapter IV- Furowatchi & Kizatchi
  • Chapter V- Papakizatchi & Mamafurowatchi
  • Chapter VI- Hanatarezoutchi
  • Chapter VII- Yoshi Squad
  • Chapter VIII- Amigoes Inc.
  • Finale- Sunnyscythe/ChildLike


See List of Chapters in Child of Lightning

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