Purple and Green is Omegaverse Corp.'s first game for the Nintendo NinTablet. It is also available for free download on the computer.


Purple and Green were swirling around each other in White's influence. Suddenly, Blue came and pushed White's influence away with his own influence, trapping Purple and Green. Purple made himself represent motion and Green made himself represent objects and they tried to escape.

(Explanation: The Influence would be the background of the game, while the people representing themselves as things explains what colors things are in the game.)


Point-and-Click elements

The basic gameplay involves tapping on things to make them move or act. For example, tapping on a catapult might make it fire whatever is inside it. The goal is not always clear but completing it will hurt Blue, causing you to advance to the next goal.

RPG elements

Experience is what you get every time you do something good in a level. There are sometimes secret goals in the level that beating will give you extra experience. If you do something bad in a level, you lose experience. If you totally fail a level (only possible in some levels) you lose lots of experience.

Hints are what you get when you get enough experience. You can use a hint to call on Rainbow, who will point towards a good thing to click on or make a motion indicating what to do.

Power Points are available after you beat the game. Your experience, spell uses, and HP are converted to Power Points unless you used Hints, in which case more Power Points are subtracted for each hint you used. Getting higher amounts of Power Points will get you rewards.

  • 1: Bronze Trophy
  • 300: Silver Trophy
  • 600: Gold Trophy
  • 1000: Platinum Trophy
  • 3000: Medallion of the Gods

HP is detracted for taking too long in timed levels. If you run out of HP before beating the story, you can choose to go back to any other point in the game before the time you ran out of HP. You can also choose to restart the story.

Spells are learned by finding them hidden in levels. These allow you to skip steps in levels, for example you might open a window and find a Bird spell, and you can use the spell 3 levels later to have a bird carry a rock into a pot. Using a spell 3 times will cause you to lose the spell, or you could spend a Hint to get three reuses of the spell. Using spells can also find secrets in the levels for more experience, so unlike Hints, using Spells does not detract Power Points.


Each world has ten hard levels in them. Some are timed.

  • World 0: An urban area filled with inanimate objects.
  • World 0.76: A mountainous area filled with dragons.
  • World 1.43: A watery area filled with water.
  • World 2.01: A castle area filled with traps.
  • World 2.89: An abstract area filled with ideas.
  • World 3: The "final" world filled with retro levels.
  • World 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419: The unreal world that's very easy. The world goes under the influence of White more and more each level. The final level involves just tapping a button marked "win".

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