Purple Urge is a life simulation game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the PlayStation and PC on June 26, 1998, and the Vectorman on June 26, 2000. It focuses on the inhabitants of an island that you control.


Island Ecosystem

At the beginning of the game, along with choosing your island name, you can choose from 5 different ecosystems;

  • Northern
  • Eastern
  • Tropical
  • Desert
  • Western

The ecosystem choice doesn't do much, but it decides what foods, clothing, hats, and items are available at the beginning of the game, along with the looks of the buildings, the time seasons change, when islanders go out, and the island plant life.

Seasons & Temperature

Seasons & temperature both play a big part in the game because not only do they decide how much islanders go out, but also how much things cost (I.E. a summer item would sell for less during winter, while a winter one would sell for more.), how early islanders go to bed, and what items are in stores.

SAILER System & Personalities

The game calculates islander's stats by using a custom system, named SAILER. (Standing for; Statistics: Angst, Ideology, Luck, Energy, Rebellious Streak) It chooses these stats by the basic features; Speed, Seriousness, Speech, Attitude, Expressiveness, and General Image, from which it also chooses one of the following personalities:

  • Jock - Full Speed, Arrogant Attitude, Relaxed Seriousness.
  • Depressed - Minimum Speed, Negative Attitude, Serious Seriousness.
  • Artist - Minimum Speed, Whatever Attitude, Quirky General Image.
  • Entertainer - So-So Speed, Happy Attitude, Relaxed Seriousness, Quirky General Image.
  • Optimist - Slow Speed, Happy Attitude, Relaxed Seriousness.
  • Pessimist - Slow Speed, Negative Attitude, Serious Seriousness.
  • Tourist - So-So Speed, Whatever Attitude, Accented Speech, Varied Expressiveness, Quirky General Image.


Building Name Requirement PlayStation Purpose PC & Vectorman Purpose (If Different)
Apartment Complex Create your first Avvie. Housing Islanders. Housing Islanders, Board Games, meeting area, & Seasons Calander.
Town Hall Create your first Avvie. Creating islanders, collecting taxes, and viewing things. Same as PlayStation.
Observatory Have one man and one girl Avvie. Meeting area & Seasons Calendar. Replaced by Apartment Complex's roof.
Avenue Have one Avvie with $2,000. Housing richer islanders, Barbeque & meeting place. Same as PlayStation.
School Have one child Avvie. Teaching kids & meeting place. Kids are home-schooled. Removed.
Fountain Have an Avvie profess it's love. Barbeque & meeting place. Same as PlayStation.
Grocery Store Have your Avvie get hungry. Buying food. Food is brought from menu. Removed.
Graveyard Have an Avvie die. Housing dead islanders. Same as PlayStation.
Hat Shop Have your Avvie want new clothes. Buying hats. Hats & Clothing are brought from menu. Removed.
Clothing Store Have your Avvie want new clothes. Buying clothing. Same as above.
Pawn Shop Earn a treasure. Selling treasures. Treasures are sold from menu. Removed.
Dock Connect to the internet once. Meeting other islands, earning imports & meeting area. Same as PlayStation.
Hospital Give birth to one Avvie. Giving birth to babies easier & meeting area. Same as PlayStation.
Furniture Store Have an Avvie ask for a new theme. Buying house themes. House themes are brought from menu. Removed.
Broadcast Station Have an Avvie wish for news. Broadcasting in-game news about milestones and fake news. Broadcasts are listened to in menu. Removed.
Arcade Have an Avvie profess it's love. Playing classic Scarce games & meeting area. Games are played from menu. Removed.
Broadband Plane There by default. Connecting to the internet. Same as PlayStation.
Amusement Park Have an Avvie profess it's love. Black Market & Meeting area. Meeting area.
Farmer's Market Play for 1 hour. Morning, Afternoon, Night Markets & Meeting area. Same as PlayStation + Black Market.
Church (JP: Temple) Play for 1 day. Funerals & Meeting area. Same as PlayStation
Park Play for 2 days. Board Games & Meeting area. Meeting area.
Cafe Play for 2 days. Meeting area. Same as PlayStation.
Campground Send or obtain a traveler. Housing travelers & meeting area. Travelers are housed in Apartment Complex. Meeting Area.
Beach There by default. Meeting area. Removed.
Hall of Fame Have all your islanders die once, afterwards, there by default. Viewing high scores on previous islands & viewing islander rankings. Same as PlayStation.
Concert Hall Give an islander a song. Listening to islander songs & meeting area. Same as PlayStation.
Photo Studio There by default Removed. Making islander pictures.
Import Wear Shop There by default. Removed. Buying island-unique items.

Marriage, Birth, & Divorce

When Avvies are in love, they may occasionally propose to their boyfriend/girlfriend. If it succeeds, they will marry.

Sometimes, a boyfriend & girlfriend or Husband & Wife may give birth to a child, which will live in the house or apartment after learning basic skills. However, some children are born with illnesses, and will not learn how to speak, or, sometimes, not learn how to walk, needing a wheelchair. In rare cases, children will not make it past birth, and will live in the graveyard. When children grow up, they move into their own apartment.

If a couple is unhappy with their relationship, they will divorce. Both spouses will be left devastated, and will become emotional whenever seeing their spouse. The player can either cheer on a divorce, or prevent it.


Sometimes, after not being fed or taken care of, Avvies will die. They will stay in the graveyard until everyone on the island dies, in which case the game will end & repeat from the start. However, there is an "easy mode" option, where no Avvies will die, and the player decides when to end the game.

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