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Purple RPG is an RPG game for the Nintendo DS made by Koopa Kastle Productions.



The sky was dark, the moon was in the sky, there was no activity of any kind. The earth was silent. Far away, in an unknown location, there was a steep cliff. On the cliff stood Purple Guy, he was starring into the distance. It was only him on the cliff, no one else, nothing around him. Purple Guy walked further to edge of the cliff. He kneeled at the edge. A black wave appeared a few feet in front of him, out of this wave appeared a blue figure. "Muskular..." said Purple Guy. "Purple Guy." said Muskular. "You said that Eldstar wanted to see me. Is something wrong?" asked Purple Guy. "I'm afraid so." said Muskular, "You see, there has been a disturbance in the Star Kingdom." continued Muskular. "I had told Eldstar the disturbance. Something has gone wrong." said Muskular. "Why does this involve me?" asked Purple Guy. "Oh," said Muskular, "we thought that you would be a good ally. We've seen you and your power, and we think you would be an invaluable ally." Muskular said. "Hm..." said Purple Guy, "I suppose I could be of use." he continued. "I will think about it later. I will come back here when I have made my choice." Purple Guy finished. "Fair enough," said Muskular, "I will see you then."

Then, without any indication of leaving or even a "So long." Purple Guy walked away.

Rest TBA...

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is similar to that of the M&L series. You explore lush 3-D environments, battle enemies and solve puzzles. But one huge difference is the Infinity Warp option in the pause menu. With it, you have the ability to switch from the Nintendoverse to the Dark Dimensions and vice versa. In the Dark Dimensions, you gain more strength and your stats increase. However, the enemies become stronger too and you have to solve harder puzzles. You can also go back to the cliff at the start of the game and you have the option of taking a small team with you to help you battle and solve puzzles.

Leveling Up

When Purple Guy or an ally levels up, their stats increase by a random number (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest). You also get all of your stats restored to the maximum and are able to equip one extra badge.

  • Control Pad - Move Purple Guy
  • A Button - Jump
  • B Button - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Y Button - Use an ally's ability
  • X Button - Use item
  • Start - Pause game
  • Select - Quick Menu
  • L/R Buttons - Swap ally



  • Purple Guy - The main protagonist of the game, he was called by the Star Spirits to help restore balance to the Star Kingdom.
  • Wario - A yellow clad brute that helps Purple Guy restore the Kingdom to balance.
  • Scizzor - A Bug-Type Pokemon and a follower of Wario.
  • Jeff - A boy genius that is Wario's other follower.
  • Silver - A white hedgehog with a strong sense of justice.
  • Captain Olimar - A spaceman whose ship crashed on Star Kingdom. Purple Guy helps him and Olimar becomes an ally in return.
  • Alpha Yoshi - A black Yoshi whose island was destroyed by the mysterious villain. He joins after hearing what Purple Guy is doing.
  • Koopa Kid - Is sent by Bowser to help Purple Guy fight the mysterious villain so Bowser can try to take over Star Kingdom. He betrays Bowser later.


  • Mario - Mushroom Kingdom's defender. He runs a small shop.
  • Luigi - Mario's brother. He runs a shop next to Mario's.
  • Tom Nook - Teaches Purple Guy new attacks.
  • Bowser - A giant Koopa. Sends help for Purple Guy to defeat the villain.




  • Morton Koopa Jr. - Runs away from home and thinks that Purple Guy is trying to take over the Star Kingdom.
  • Jr. Troopa - A Koopa brat who hasn't left his shell yet. Fights Purple Guy constantly.


  • Mushroom - Restores 30 HP
  • Fire Flower - Restores 10 PP
  • Star - Makes you invulnerable for 2 turns
  • Yoshi Egg - Summons a Yoshi to attack an enemy
  • Full Restore - Refills all of your health
  • Red Essence - Boosts attack
  • Blue Essence - Boosts speed
  • Green Essence - Boosts defense
  • Yellow Essence - Boosts magic power
  • Purple Essence - Boosts everything
  • Whistle - Calls a small stampede of Pikmin


  • Star Kingdom
  • Dark Dimensions


Weapons & Armor



Badges are items that let you do special things in battle or raise your stats.

  • Checkup - Restore 2 HP every turn.
  • One More Time - Lets Purple Guy or his ally/ies attack twice.
  • I'm Thirsty - Restores 4 PP every turn.
  • Damage Dodge - Makes enemies more likely to miss.
  • HP Up - Boost HP by 5.

Special Attacks

See Purple RPG/Special Attacks.


See Purple RPG/Stats.

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