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Purple Pikmin
Normal purplepikmin1
A Purple Pikmin
Found in Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3
Family Pikmin
Immunity Nothing
Ability/ies Increased attack
Carrying strength of 10

Purple Pikmins are a type of Pikmin that debuted in Pikmin 2. They are 10 times stronger than other species of Pikmin. They were discovered  when Captain Olimar and Louie needed to get 101 Pikmin to get the top of a globe. They are fairy chubby and when thrown, they cause large amounts of damage.They are the only species of Pikmin that don't have an onion to go in, instead they are stored the Hocotate ship.

Fanon Appearances

Pikmin: Ground Control

Purple Pikmin appear in the 3DS game Pikmin: Ground Control. When the game was first released, they could only be found in Mission Mode, requiring another variety of Pikmin to be thrown into a Amethyst Candy Pop Bud. They have the carrying strength of 10 Pikmin and are extremely strong in battle, but are also very slow and have no special immunities or abilities.

In the 1.12.3 patch, Amethyst Candy Pop Buds were added to a few special areas in the main story, allowing the player to use Purple Pikmin during the campaign. Since they cannot go in the Onion, they must be kept in the ship, along with White Pikmin, who also became available in the patch. The Amethyst Candy Pop Bud can be found in the final area of the game after the boss is defeated, meaning that they can't be used until the post-game.


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