Purple Noise is a game made for Purpleverse Day 2010 by Coke Dimensions. It brings back Purple Guy and Janie Twice to go against other characters. It is for the Nintendo Wii. It is set to release in 2012 or 2013.


Janie Twice sat in an alley. Why? WHY?! she thought, plotting revenge on society. She closed her eyes and searched through her memories, trying to find something useful to her. She remembered a small purple character. She remembered everything that happened to her. She remembered what the purple character was for and where it was. She escaped that night and traveled to a laboratory. It was Silph Co. The place where she was created. She stuck out her hand. Suddenly, sparks flew from the upstairs room. Janie Twice went to the upstairs room, only to see the same small purple creature, attempting to be duplicated. She then received a message via telepathy. Help me, soul! Help! They want an army of me! the voice told her. She was hesitant to do it. But she did it. She broke the cage. A high-pitched screech came out, along with purple rays and clouds. She had just rescued Purple Guy and his five clones.

Purple Guy fought off two of his clones and broke out of the lab for refuge. Wherever he went, however, people would hear the same high-pitched noise. Finally, Purple Guy sat down in an alley.

To Be Continued


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