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Purple Kart is an upcoming Purple Koopa Bro. game made by Outer Inc.. It is like Mario Kart: Double Dash.


Tatan had sent PKB an invitation to the Annual Newcunner Races. PKB had sent a message back saying he would come. The same happened to Ginourm, Moyan, Winson, and many others.


:* = Lightweight

:** = Mediumweight

:*** = Heavyweight


  • Purple Shell


Special Items

  • Purple Shell - PKB
  • Red Spiked Ball - Ginourm
  • Dagger - Moyan
  • Red Mini Boos - Laval
  • Pistol Debree - Winson
  • Empty Sack Debree - Mahogany
  • Pink Hammer - Rose
  • Red Poison Mushroom - Ross
  • Blue "N" Yoshi Egg - Nugg
  • Blue Birdo Egg - Nuggette
  • Boxing Glove Debree - Chump
  • Mini Bullets - Billy
  • Laser Blater - YE Nook
  • Orange Blooper - Bloop
  • Spiked Egg - Karma
  • Warp Egg - Timer
  • Zorz Flame - Zorz
  • Zorz Bubble - Zorz X

Normal Items

  • Koopa Shell
  • Spiked Ball
  • Blooper
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Birdo Egg


  • Newcunner Annual-Race Colliseum



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