Purple: A Cold Climb is a game by Popple Co. and it is for the 3DS.


Shiverwing is in a cave, growling about how he hates summer and everything about it, but a strange staff falls into the cave and he realizes he can get rid of summer! So he rushes off.

Purple and Ginourm are going mountain climbing on that same day, they meet Mash and Cring, but after 4 turns into battle, Mash and Cring are Frozen and roll down the mountain. Purple and Ginourm see Shiverwing and have to reach his lair at the very top of the mountain.



  • Purple - The courageous hero of the game, he tries to stop Shiverwing from taking over the mountain.
  • Ginourm - Purple's Spike Buddy, he tags along with Purple to stop Shiverwing.
  • Tatan - Purple's Archenemy, but joins him this time for some excitement and to defrost his castle.
  • Rose - Purple's Spunky Sister, she joins him because she wants to get some excitement!
  • Ross - A red Shroob that is a friend of Purple, he joins to fight!
  • Frosty - Ginourm's cool cousin, he joins to annoy the heck out of Ginourm.

Not Playable

  • Shiverwing - A Paragoomba who hates summer, he is the main villain of the game.
  • Mash and Cring - Two criminals and are reccuring Mini-bosses through-out the game.
  • Laval - A fiery Boo who is a tutor throughout the game.
  • Flash - A Paratroopa from Isle Delfino that is frequently raced.


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