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Purpla in 3D.
Current Age 9
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Mushroom Central
Current Status Partner
Mario, Bowser, Toad Brigade
Main Weapon(s) Poison Mushrooms, Golden Mushrooms (and other items in general)
Vulnerable To Bowser
First Appearance Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions
Latest Appearance Let's-a-go, Mario
Purpla is one of Mario's partners in the game Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions. He is a young and cowardly toad who is found in the destruction of the Dimensional Festival. After Mario rescues him, he feels somewhat awkward that Mario had to go through that trouble to save him. So to prove his worth, Purpla sets out on an adventure with Mario.


Purpla is just a purple Toad. He has a purple vest and a purple mushroom cap. There isn't anything too special about his appearance.

Anim kinopio purple 01

As you can see, Purpla is a Toad who is often worried and thinks too hard.


Purpla is a cowardly Toad. However, he is brave enough to join Mario to defeat Dimentio. Purpla is often worried about nearly anything. He just plain hates Bowser and wants to destroy him with Mario's help. He admires Mario and always says that he wants to be just like him someday.

Purpla loves items. Especially Poison Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms. He enjoys using them in battle against Bowser and Dimentio's minions, just for the heck of destroying them.


Purpla has a wide variety of weapons. His favorites are the Poison Mushroom and Golden Mushroom. However, he uses a whole boatload of items, such as Fire Flowers, Mega Mushrooms, and even Penguin Suits. One of his favorite forms is Gold Purpla.

Basically, Purpla uses iems in battle.

Game Appearances

Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions

Purpla makes his debut in Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions. He is Mario's first partner and is found in the destruction of the Dimensional Festival. He gives Mario a hammer when found, which Mario keeps throughout the whole game. Purpla wanted revenge on Dimentio and Bowser for destroying one of the greatest events the Mushroom Kingdom had in years.

Let's-a-go, Mario

Purpla reappears as a downloadable character in Lets-a-go, Mario. Not much is known about him, except that he has a permanent Gold Flower. His fireballs give three coins, and a stomp gives five.