pUrE Madness: The Unstoppable Quest
Developer(s) Legend Team
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk
Pure Madness: The Unstoppable Quest is a 2D platforming game Created By Legend for the Wii U. The game Follows the story of Oliver, a weird doodle that world is taken over by the mysterious random cosmos force. Oliver then goes on an Insane Quest to save his home world from Destruction in this Comedy Filled Game!

Gamplay consist of 2D Elements. Following a basic pattern of Run, Jump, Dodge, Throw and other styles of Gamplay. The game also allows the player to switch from 2D To 3D to fit the challenge of the Level that is presented.


In the land of Madness, a Doodle named Oliver, is pieced on in High-School and teased for his weird style and his step parents being nothing but loonies. The schools most popular girl then decides to talk him in privet (Trying not to be caught with an Un popular kid) and telling Oliver that he can amount to Something. Oliver then takes her out to get a hot dog and a walk in the park. But while they do this, The Random Cosmos attacks and the whole world is split into 12 parts and Oliver is sent flying into a moon of the planet Dodmus. (Note: Dodmus is the name of the Planet). Oliver is then greeted by the Trixy Dorkus (Wierd Name Huh...) Dorkus then Randomly gives Oliver an Adam Backpack. A back pack that is a replica to the Famous Adam's Backpack.

Oliver is then sent flying to the first world were he meets the first boss Madamr. Mc Stomp. After defeating the boss. Oliver is greeted and thanked by GOOOOckle, a weird type of Slime. GOOOckle then beggs Oliver to be his apprentice. Oliver then blows and lets him join him on his quest. They then head for the Temple of Doom HEY I WANT ICE CREAM! (lol..a temple named "Temple of Doom HEY I WANT ICE CREAM...Well this is the world of madness) They then go through the temple and meet the second boss SMOOCHIE MOMA! They defeat her and they are thanked by the sand priest and are given a servant named BaTRIXa. BaTRIXa then tells the players that they need to go to the toy realm of Deduismeus (Lol! I cant even pronounce that word! XD 1,000,000 awesome Points to the person that can!) After going to the realm. They then meat Ying and Yang.. who are apparently arguing over who is the best. But they soon drop the argument after the defeat of the next boss BiXboti.

They then out of fear of being killed by monsters if they stay,join Oliver and Company (Get it?) on the quest. After this, the players then go to the realm of Anti Social City were they learn that the Random Cosmos is attacking the Motherbert, the power source of the Madness. And if it is Destroyed, then everything will make sense and the world will be destroyed. Oliver then goes to the World of Hatred. The mash potatoes and the Tomatoes were a war between them is had over who taste better. Oliver then defeats the boss Mother Birx. Oliver then helps the potatoes and Tomatoes see that there all equal in taste. Then Oliver and the Gang eat the tomatoes and the Potatoes. Then they continue to the next world of Jaming Jungle (Jaming is spelled like that in there world, Though its spelled Jamin' in slang). Were GOOOckle is kidnapped by Moma ajkda the crock.

After Oliver goes and trades 1 dollar with the wise monk john the monkey junkie (NOT THAT KIND OF JUNKIE). They save GOOOckle from the boss. The next worlds they go through are full of weirdness and Junk (No thats the Literal Name of the World) After those worlds, Oliver then has flashbacks of his real Mother and Father... he then blanks them out trying to focus on the task at hand. But little do they know that the Random Cosmos Zing is spying on them (Oh and he can read he knew what Oliver was thinking all along) After sending bandit after them. Our heroes then arrive in the world of No Privacy. Were they meet stalker. Stalker then lets them know that they are being stalked by the Random Cosmos. After convincing them not to go any further.

Oliver goes to the world of Love alone were he meats Fiona...who is trying to make everyone a match. Oliver then asks her for romantic advice. But Oliver then goes and Defeats Gogle first. After this, Fiona gives him the advice to just be himself. He then leaves back to his friends but discovers that they have been Naped by Bandit. Oliver then goes through the world of Mishtief were he meets sady mc LONNIE were she helps him defeat the boos Mc Stuff Its. After this, the go to the World of Unity Under Madness, were they rescue his friends and battle against the Troll. After this, they go to the Final World in Outer SPACE!!! They then fight the random cosmos and defeat them. After this, While the team and everyone makes it to the escape pod.

Oliver meets his parents inside a cell (Well, hes not in the cell, just his parents) They then tell him to flee. He goes through tears of Prune Juice and Goes back home. Were the worlds are United Again. Oliver then is acclaimed a hero and wins the most popular girl in schools heart and not only that, But gets a surprise visit from Adam, who tells him to thank his friends.

Oliver is then Kissed by the Most popular girl in shcool (They made out) and everyone goes and the Church bells start ringing randomly and everything returns to Ab Normal. The End.


The gamplay of the game consist of Buttons for every character you play. The Gamplay for Oliver is different for the gamplay of other character. No two gamplays are alike.

Button Disc.
A Jump
B Attack
Y Special Move
X Hit after Timed Attack

These are the basic controlls for all characters


Oliver is a normal Guy who is bullied at shcool. But he wants to shine out of the Dark! He has Fast Gamplay
GOOckle is a random Guy. Strong Gamplay
BraTRIXa is a spirit who doens't talk much, Skill gamplay
Ying and Yang are Opposites, Though both of there gamplay is Fast


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