Pure Heart
TV Series The Shock Block
Season Number 1
Episode Number 8
Airing Date(s)
14th June, 2000
Runtime 15 minutes
Preceding Episode Ironic Naming
Following Episode Level Up

Pure Heart is the eighth episode of the first series of The Shock Block. The episode aired on 14th June, 2000, and was the first episode to put focus on Kylie and Fyp's relationship.

In a poll in 2002, Pure Heart was voted the best episode of Series 1.


The episode begins with Fyp and his mother, Edith in a shop. Edith finds a ring with a ruby on it, for a bargain price of £150.00. Edith decides to take it, but gives it to Fyp and tells him to use it carefully. A few hours later, Fyp meets up with Kylie and puts the ring on her finger. Kylie looks very shocked and impressed. She smiles as Fyp and kisses him.

The next day, Kylie goes around telling the other four about what happened. Charlie seems impressed and asks her if she can be the bride's maid. Afterwards, Kylie sees Charlie in person. Charlie tries to tell Kylie about what boys are like, but Kylie doesn't seem to care (just like Charlie) and says she wants to be with Fyp no matter what.

The next day, Rex bumps into Fyp. Rex speaks friendly to Fyp, with Fyp thinking he has changed his ways. Fyp tells Rex he is developing a relationship with Kylie, giving Rex ideas.

Rex bumps into Kylie. Kylie tells Rex that she is seeing Fyp soon. As soon as Fyp is in sight, Rex grabs Kylie and locks his lips onto her to kiss her, then he pretends to look scared and runs away. This causes Fyp to think that Kylie is cheating on him. Kylie tries to explain, but Fyp runs away.

Meanwhile, Chan finds Rex, and Rex tells him everything. Chan looks shocked at this, but keeps the fraud a secret for a while.

Rex bumps into Fyp the next day, with Rex claiming Kylie cheated on him too and that they have both been used. Chan, however, shows up and says that Rex used Kylie to trick you. This causes Fyp to lose the plot, and causes him to try and fight Rex. Kylie, however, steps in and tells Rex to get lost. Kylie then smiles at Fyp and tells Charlie and Chan to leave the room. Kylie and Fyp then start to hug, but just before they kiss, Roary barges into the room.


  • Tinashe does not appear in this episode, and Roary only makes two small cameos.