Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 4: Wrong Enemy

[Theme that plays: ]

{House Of The Portobello, Melinda's Room, Next Day, 7:30AM}

James is seen talking to Melinda.

"Why? Why Melinda, how can you do this to me?" Asked James with disappointment.

Melinda is seen angry.

"I love Adrian, and I will be with him weather you like it or not." Addressed Melinda.

James then slaps Melinda violently.

"You absolutely disgust me." Said James with rage.

Melinda then gets up and out of her bed, to confront her father.

"IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO SEPARATE ME FROM MY BOYFRIEND YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISTAKING." Yelled Melinda with rage, she is then again slapped by her father.

"YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE WITH HIM AGAIN, I WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT." Yelled back James, and slams the door shut he locks it to make sure Melinda does not get out of her room.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{King High School, Van Nuys, 10:45AM, Quad}

It is nutrition time, Eleanor and Gavin talk about what happened yesterday.

"Oh god, thats terrible." Said Eleanor.

"So, thats why he didn't make it today." Said Gavin.

"Then Melinda must still be at her house, grounded or something." Explained Eleanor worried.

{House of the Iodine, Adrian's room, 12:00PM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Adrian is seen talking on the phone.

"Melinda, we have to just leave the city to be happy." Said Adrian[On Phone].

"Yes, I could get my father's keys and I could drive over to you." Said Melinda[On Phone].

"Alright, I'll get my stuff ready honey, we will be happy I promise." Said Adrian[Oh Phone].

The whole time, James was listening to the conversation, he then plans to kill his own daughter.

{Outside Mansion of the Portobello's, James' Car, 12:10PM}

"I'll never let you leave with that good for nothing Adrian, Melinda." Said James to himself.

James cuts the breaks and then quickly flees to the kitchen so Melinda won't see him, Melinda manages to open the door of her room and get to the car.

"Finally, I'll be freed." Said Melinda, she starts the car and leaves off to Adrian's house.

{Inside James' Car, 12:15PM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Melinda tries the breaks but the car doesn't stop.

"What's going on...NOOOOO" Yelled Melinda and crashes into a building, she dies instantly.

The news quickly spreads about the death of this seventeen year old girl, Adrian assumes it is Melinda and goes to confront and blame her father for her death.

{Mansion of the Portobello's, 12:30PM, Living Room}

Adrian sees James inside the mansion and pushes him down to the floor.

"ITS YOUR FAULT MELINDA'S DEATH, IS YOUR FAULT!" Yelled Adrian manically, he then gets a knife to try and kill James.

Lidrah enters and sees that James is about to get stabbed and gets a gun from her purse and shoots Adrian in the head, killing him instantly. Defending her brother James in the end.

[Theme ends]

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