Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 30: The Last Intrigue

[Theme that plays: ]

{The Next Day, Hotel Chandler, Suite 308, 8:00AM}

Philip and Kristen were preparing to go to Spain to start a new life.

"With Gavin in jail we can finally move on, Kristen." Said Philip happily.

Kristen kisses Philip with passion.

"Yes, I'm glad he's in jail now." Said Kristen.

Her phone then rings.

"Hello?" Asked Kristen[On Phone].

"Hi Kristen, I think you'll be happy to know that Gavin Iodine was found innocent of the crime committed and we are currently searching for the true killer of your father." Explained Investigator Maxwell[On Phone].

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Kristen is then impacted to the max.

"....Oh, alright. Thank you for the info, Maxwell." Said Kristen and hangs up.

Philip then notices Kristen is worried.

"What's wrong?" Asked Philip.

" freed. We have to act fast before we get caught, Philip." Said Kristen with fear.

Philip is shocked, Kristen goes into the room to get a gun and give it to Philip.

"Here, take this. You must kill Gavin, he must never be happy with that whore, Eleanor." Said Kristen manically.

"Alright, but why don't you want to do it?" Asked Philip.

"Because I might get arrested or something before you." Explained Kristen as she looks out the hotel window.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I understand, I'll go to their house today don't worry." Said Philip.

{House Of Eleanor and Gavin, Dinning Room, 9:20AM}

Investigator Maxwell is sitting with Eleanor and Gavin explaining all they have found out about Kristen and Philip.

"We are sending police to arrest them both immediately." Said Maxwell with frustration.

Gavin wishes to know their crimes.

"What exactly did they do beside the killing of Atticus?" Asked Gavin.

Maxwell turns extremely serious.

"We found out a domino effect of crimes." Replied Maxwell.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Eleanor is impacted.

"Please tell us." Said Eleanor.

"Lidrah, your mother, killed Adrian Orchid and James Portobello." Said Maxwell.

Eleanor and Gavin are shocked, they can't believe what Lidrah was capable of.

"This is insane." Said Eleanor crying.

"Lidrah was always a bad person after all." Said Gavin.

Maxwell then gets up and paces around the room.

"That's not all, in fact... Lidrah did not commit suicide." Explained Maxwell.

Eleanor does not believe it.

[Theme ends]

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