Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 27: Framed Killing

[Theme that plays: ]

{Kristen's Mansion (Mansion Of The Iodine), New York, Living Room, 10:00AM}

Kristen and Philip are seen in the living room.

"Philip, today is the day you must take action." Said Kristen.

Philip then picks up a suitcase, it has gasoline and matches in it.

"Yes, don't worry Kristen. Your father will be killed and I will make sure to not leave any evidence what so ever." Replied Philip.

Kristen then hugs Philip and they kiss.

"It will destroy Eleanor greatly, my Gavin in jail. How sad." Said Kristen manically.

{Mansion Of the Everett, Outside, 10:30AM}

Philip arrives to the mansion, and knocks on the door.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Oh, Philip. What a surprise, come in." Said Atticus.

Philip enters, they both head over to Atticus' dispatch.

{Mansion Of The Everett, Dispatch, 10:35AM}

"I'm glad to find you here, I have bad news for you." Said Philip with manipulation.

Atticus then gets worried.

"As you might have heard, Kristen divorced from Gavin." Explained Philip.

Atticus is shocked, Kristen never told him about her separation with Gavin.

"No, I had no such idea." Said Atticus.

Philip then gets up.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I also need to get rid of you. To frame Gavin of course." Said Philip manically.

Atticus is shocked.

"You are mad!" Addressed Atticus.

"Your daughter wants you dead too." Said Philip.

Atticus is hurt deeply by Philip's words. Philip hits Atticus in the head with his bag, he passes out of the floor.

"Now then, it is time." Said Philip to himself.

Philip begins to pour gasoline all over the dispatch and around the house. He takes out a match and turns it on, about to throw it into the gasoline.

"Oh, poor Atticus..." Said Philip mockingly.

He throws the match onto the gasoline from outside, it creates a huge explosion. Atticus dies in the fire.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Eleanor's and Gavin's House, Bedroom, 11:30AM}

Eleanor and Gavin are seen watching television.

"Gavin, when will we get married?" Asked Eleanor.

Gavin looks at her face to face.

"When ever you want my love." Replied Gavin smiling.

"You make me the happiest woman on earth, Gavin." Stated Eleanor.

Police come knocking on the door of the house, Eleanor and Gavin go to open it.

"Is there a problem officers?" Asked Eleanor worried.

"Is this man, Gavin Iodine?" Asked Investigator Maxwell.

[Theme ends]

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