Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 25: Unmasked Kristen/Doubts Era

[Theme that plays: ]

Eleanor gets up and out of her seat.

"If, you would have been honest to me and told me that you actually never loved me I would have hurt less." Said Eleanor crying.

Gavin then goes to her side to hug her.

"I do love you, you know that perfectly." Stated Gavin with sadness.

Eleanor gets him off her.

"Then why did you get Kristen pregnant?" Asked Eleanor.

Gavin is left speechless.

"Your silence says it all." Commented Eleanor and leaves out the office. She goes to the mansion of the Rowelled's to pick up the remaining stuff she left over there after the divorce.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Mansion of the Rowelled, Living Room, New York, 2:00PM}

As she enters with the old key she has, she heads upstairs and hears both Kristen's and Philip's voices from the guest room.

{Mansion Of The Rowelled, Guest Room, 2:08PM}

Kristen and Philip are seen laying in bed they had just finished having intimacy and are talking about their plan.

"Kristen, your idea of faking your pregnancy is amazing." Said Philip.

Kristen kisses him with passion.

"Since I'm sterile we don't ever have to worry about anything my sweet." Replied Kristen.

Eleanor is impacted to what she had just heard.

"How will you get the baby though?" Asked Philip.

"I'll adopt one from the orphanage, my father will be glad to help me as well as to fake the labor at the hospital and such." Stated Kristen.

Eleanor does not walk into the room, instead she now feels no remorse for Kristen's pregnancy as it is a fake. She now will do anything to be with Gavin once again.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Mansion of the Iodine, Outside, New York, 3:00PM}

Eleanor arrives to the mansion and knocks on the door. Gavin goes to open it.

"Eleanor? What are you doing here?" Asked Gavin with shock.

"I'm here for you... our lost time from being separated and such." Replied Eleanor.

{Mansion of The Iodine, Living Room, 3:03PM}

Eleanor and Gavin sit on the sofa.

"Kiss me Gavin, show me your love." Addressed Eleanor.

Gavin is shocked at Eleanor's attitude, they begin to kiss and eventually have intimacy.

"Why did we do this?" Asked Gavin confused.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I love you and you love me, we can be happy now." Said Eleanor.

Kristen arrives at the mansion, she opens the door and sees Eleanor and Gavin on the sofa together.

"WHAT IS THIS? HOW DARE YOU!" Yelled Kristen enraged, she proceeds to get Eleanor and slap her violently multiple times.

"YOU DAMN WHORE, I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS!" Yelled Kristen, she is then slapped back by Eleanor.

"NO MORE, KRISTEN, YOUR LIES ARE UP!" Yelled back Eleanor with anger.

Kristen and Gavin are impacted.

"What are you talking about, Eleanor?" Asked Gavin.

[Theme ends]

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