Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 23: The Accomplice Of Hell

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A week passes since the death of Kevin Iodine. Gavin gets the verification that Kristen is pregnant, which is fake and scammed by Lidrah, Eleanor has just divorced Philip and Philip in turn joins forces with Kristen to make sure she does not try and take Gavin away from her.

{Mansion Of The Rowelled's, Living Room, 11:55AM}

Philip and Kristen are seen talking.

"Look, after the divorce yesterday I was shocked, thats why I called you over here to tell you we need to plan a way to make sure Eleanor comes back to me." Explained Philip.

"I'm pregnant, well of course with the help of Lidrah I managed to be." Said Kristen.

Philip wonders what Kristen means.

"What do you mean?" Asked Philip.

"Lidrah paid a doctor to frame a verification of pregnancy for me." Replied Kristen.

Philip is then shocked.

[Theme ends]

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"So you mean, you are not pregnant?" Asked Philip.

"No I am not, I am sterile." Addressed Kristen.

Philip can not believe it.

"But, I need Lidrah out of the picture. I'm going to her house to kill her once and for all." Added Kristen.

"Why do you want her dead?" Asked Philip.

"Because, she might be the only person that may turn against me and destroy my plans. She is a crazy betch that controls everyone she can." Said Kristen.

Philip agrees to help Kristen with the separation of Eleanor and Gavin. He gives her a gun to kill Lidrah.

"Remember though, this will be tricky if you don't shoot her head. Make sure you shoot her head to kill her for sure." Said Philip.

"Don't worry I will." Replied Kristen, she then heads over to Lidrah's home.

[Theme ends]

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{Lidrah's House, New York, 12:00PM, Living Room}

Lidrah greets Kristen into her home.

"Hello Kristen, nice to see you again." Said Lidrah.

"Yes, of course." Replied Kristen.

Lidrah tells Kristen to sit down on the sofa with her.

"So what brings you to my house?" Asked Lidrah with wonderment.

"I wanted to tell you that, your services are no longer needed. I know how to control my husband perfectly now." Addressed Kristen with arrogance.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Lidrah rises from the sofa.

"Well, thats to bad honey, because once you have made a deal with me. You'll have to follow it through weather you like it or not." Said Lidrah with cruelty.

Kristen also gets up.

"I don't think so, would you want the whole world to know about your killings?" Asked Kristen.

Lidrah is impacted.

"What do you mean?" Asked Lidrah with fear.

"Philip told me more then you thought he would." Stated Kristen.

[Theme ends]

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