Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 22: Controlled Actions - Part 2 of 2

[Theme that plays: ]

Philip is then impacted.

" can't possibly be serious." Said Philip with anger.

"I am, I want to get out of this accursed hell you have been putting me threw." Said Eleanor.

Philip then grabs Eleanor violently.


Eleanor then shakes him off.

"You know what? Yes, I do wish to be with Gavin, and guess what? I will fight for his love, I won't let you or Kristen get in my way of happiness..not anymore." Addressed Eleanor with a cruel tone, she then storms out of the mansion.

Philip falls to his knees, shocked at how Eleanor has changed her ways. {The Next Day, Van Nuys, Kevin's House, Kitchen, 8:00AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Kristen returns to Kevin's house for Gavin and offers to make them both food.

"You are so kind Kristen, thank you." Said Gavin.

"It's no big deal. I'll win your father's trust, I know I will." Replied Kristen.

She goes into the kitchen to get them both coffee, Kristen pours a clear liquid in the cup of coffee that she will serve Kevin.

"You stupid old man, I'll get rid of you once and for all. Then your son will be all mine." Thought Kristen in her mind.

She brings out the food and coffee for them both.

"This is very kind of you, Kristen. I'm sorry for the rude remark I said yesterday." Said Kevin.

"Oh, its no problem. I didn't take it personally." Replied Kristen diplomatically.

Kevin drinks his coffee, Kristen looks at him with glee that he just wrote his death sentence.

"Well dad, we will have to return back to New York today." Explained Gavin.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Kevin then hugs his son goodbye.

"I'll miss you son, I'm glad you've finally found something that will make you even happier, being a father." Explained Kevin.

Gavin and Kristen then leave to the airport to fly back to New York. A few hours later in Kevin's bedroom, Kevin begins to feel sick.

"Ugh, what's... wrong with me...?" Asked Kevin to himself, he begins to throw up blood onto the floor.

"OH GOD....UGH THE PAIN...." Yelled Kevin in agony.

Kevin falls onto the floor dead, from the poison Kristen gave to him in his coffee.

{Mansion of the Iodine, Living Room, 12:00PM}

Martina tells Gavin that he has a call from the police from Van Nuys.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Hello?" Asked Gavin[On Phone].

"Yes, you are Gavin Iodine, son of Kevin Iodine right?" Asked the Officer[On Phone].

"That's correct, why did something happen to my father?" Asked Gavin worried[On Phone].

"I'm sorry to inform you about this, but your father passed away." Addressed the Officer[On Phone].

Gavin is impacted, he hangs up and begins to cry profoundly.

"Gavin, what's wrong?" Asked Kristen.

"MY FATHER...HE'S DEAD..." Replied and yelled Gavin as he cried.

Kristen fakes to be sad with Gavin, when in reality she is glad he is finally dead.

[Theme ends]

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