Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 20: Beloved Enemy

[Theme that plays: ]

"You'll help me fake my pregnancy? Really?" Asked Kristen with happiness.

"Yes, I am willing to. But you must make sure to actually control your... husband." Addressed Lidrah.

Atticus then goes to hug Kristen.

"See daughter? With help from allies we can triumph." Said Atticus.

"Alright, tomorrow I'm heading off to Van Nuys to speak with Gavin's father about the pregnancy." Explained Kristen.

"Okay, when will you be back?" Asked Atticus.

"In about two days." Replied Kristen.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Well you just go off with Gavin to Van Nuys and don't worry about a thing, me and Atticus have the hang of it." Said Lidrah.

"Okay, bye dad and bye Lidrah." Said Kristen and leaves.

"I'll go make the call to the hospital and then you can go and do your stuff Lidrah." Addressed Atticus and goes to get the phone.

{Airport New York, Lobby, 3:00PM}

Gavin and Kristen are seen with their suitcases.

"I can't wait to tell your father about my pregnancy, Gavin." Said Kristen cheerfully.

Gavin seemed worried about Eleanor he wishes he could be with her.

"Yes, I'm sure you can't." Said Gavin.

They enter the plane and fly off to Van Nuys.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{New York, Company Rowelled, Eleanor's Office, 3:10PM}

Eleanor is seen crying in her office, Nixon Blade, one of her long time friends comes into the office.

"Eleanor, I want you to tell me what's going on." Said Nixon worried about Eleanor.

Eleanor gets up and out of her seat and hugs Nixon.

"I'm..just sad..I want to leave my husband...but I can't do such a thing...he has done so much for me.." Said Eleanor crying.

Nixon tells Eleanor to sit down.

"Look, Eleanor you have the right to be happy. No matter who or what gets into your way." Explained Nixon.

"But, Philip helped me in my time of need." Said Eleanor.

"How did you meet Philip?" Asked Nixon.

"By my mother, I've told you this before." Replied Eleanor.

Nixon then smirks.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"What...what is it?" Asked Eleanor wondering why Nixon was smiling.

"Because, its obvious your mother wanted you precisely with Philip." Said Nixon.

"But she did not force me." Said Eleanor.

"Are you sure about that?" Asked Nixon.

Eleanor then looks as if she wants to cry again.

"Well, no but..." Said Eleanor but was interrupted by Nixon.

"Eleanor, you know perfectly you love Gavin, and from what I've seen and heard he loves you back. Its your moment, you both can divorce." Stated Nixon.

Eleanor turns to the window in her office.

"Kristen would never leave Gavin, nor Philip will ever leave me." Said Eleanor with despair.

[Theme ends]

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