Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 19: False Hurtful

[Theme that plays: ]

Gavin is seen looking at some old pictures, Kristen comes downstairs to speak to Gavin.

"Sweetie, I have something very important to tell you." Said Kristen with happiness.

Gavin looks at her, he wishes to tell her that he no longer wishes to be with her.

"I want to tell you something too." Addressed Gavin.

"But I want, to tell you how it went at the doctor's." Said Kristen.

Gavin wonders if Kristen's visit to the doctor will determine his future.

"Okay, you go first then. How'd it go?" Asked Gavin, worried.

Kristen then proceeds to hugs Gavin.

"Your going to be a dad!" Exclaimed Kristen with happiness.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Gavin is impacted to the max.

"What? That can't be." Said Gavin with sadness and shock.

"Your not happy about it?" Asked Kristen.

"Yes, but. I can't believe it." Explained Gavin.

"The doctor will mail the verification to us in a few days." Said Kristen.

Gavin gets up and goes to the dinning room, and sits.

{Mansion Of the Iodine, Dinning Room, 12:00PM}

Gavin looks horrible, the news makes him very frustrated.

"Stop it Gavin, I am sick of seeing you like if this was the most horrible thing happing to you." Said Kristen with anger.

She then goes to hug him and kiss him.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I also want to go to Van Nuys, to visit your dad since he stayed in Van Nuys, and tell him the good news." Said Kristen with glee.

"Alright we will go tomorrow." Said Gavin.

"Thanks honey, I'm going to go to my father's mansion to tell him the news. I might stay over his house." Said Kristen.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then." Addressed Gavin and leaves up to his room.

"Heh, heh. Poor stupid idiot, you'll stay by my side for the rest of your life, you'll never be with that whore, Eleanor." Thought Kristen in her mind.

{Mansion Of The Everett, Living Room, 1:30PM}

When Kristen arrives to her father's mansion, Lidrah is there.

"Oh, who is this?" Asked Kristen to Atticus.

"It's Lidrah Portobello de Lawyers, mother of Eleanor Lawyers de Rowelled." Explained Atticus.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Kristen is then enraged.

"So its your daughter who is after my husband huh?" Asked Kristen, she then slaps Lidrah violently.

"You should learn how to control your whore-daughter." Stated Kristen with pure cruelty, Lidrah attempts to slap Kristen back but she stops her by grabbing her arm.

"You arrogant piece of trash." Said Lidrah with anger.

"How dare you lay a finger on me." Added Lidrah enraged.

"Enough you two, I need you two to calm down now." Said Atticus.

"Sorry father, but this is the mother of my greatest enemy." Explained Kristen.

"I am the first interested in having my daughter separated from that bastard Gavin." Explained Lidrah.

Kristen then tells them both that she needs help in the falsification of her pregnancy.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make sure your "pregnancy" verification is mailed to you two in two days." Said Lidrah.

[Theme ends]

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