Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 15: Kristen's Plan/Gavin's Doubts

[Theme that plays: ]

The following day everything changed, Philip became more obsessive over Eleanor. Kristen goes back to the doctor's office for her results.

{Dr. Mender's Office, Clinic, New York, 10:00AM}

Kristen enters the office and waits for the doctor.

"I wonder what's wrong with me. I need to find out as soon as possible." Said Kristen to herself.

Dr. Mender then enters.

"Hello Kristen, I have your results." Stated Dr. Mender.

Dr. Mender looks at the results, and is shocked.

"What is it doctor?" Asked Kristen worried.

"Well, Kristen. I'm sorry to inform you of this but, you are sterile." Said Dr. Mender.

Kristen is impacted, she then begins to cry and get angry.

[Theme ends]

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"Calm down, Kristen." Said Dr. Mender, he then proceeds to get the phone.

"What are you doing?" Asked Kristen with anger.

"I wish to speak to your spouse, he needs to know this." Said Dr. Mender.

Kristen then gets a glass jar and smashes it into the doctor's head, he falls to the floor bleeding profoundly.

"You won't be telling Gavin, I must have him believe I can get pregnant." Explained Kristen manically.

Dr. Mender was bleeding but still alive.

"How...can so cruel...and trick that?" Asked Dr. Mender.

"That is my problem. I hope you rot." Said Kristen and leaves the office in a hurry.

Dr. Mender is seen bleeding, he then passes out and dies.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Mansion Of the Iodine, Gavin and Kristen's room, 11:00AM}

Gavin is seen thinking about Eleanor.

"What am I going to do?" Asked Gavin to himself.

"I want to be with Eleanor, after ten years I still feel the same love for her. Stronger then ever." Said Gavin to himself.

The phone in Gavin's room rings, he goes and answers it.

"Hello?" Asked Gavin[On Phone].

"Its me Eleanor." Replied Eleanor[On Phone].

Gavin is happy that Eleanor called him.

"Oh, Eleanor, I'm glad you called...I..I want to see you please. We need to talk." Said Gavin[On Phone].

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Eleanor is filled with joy.

"Yes..I think we do too." Stated Eleanor[On Phone].

"Can we go to someplace so we can privately talk?" Asked Gavin[On Phone].

"Yes, I know a place we can go. I'll meet you at the "Cordeno Blet Restaurant" later today like at four pm." Said Eleanor[On Phone].

"Alright, I'll meet you there then." Said Gavin[On Phone].

They hang up, each are happy they will have the time to explain everything to each other in greater detail.

{Cordeno Belt Restaurant, New York, 4:00PM}

[Theme ends]

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