Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 12: Cruel Locked

[Theme that plays: ]

Kristen proceeds to lock the door to make sure no one comes into the office.

"What...what is this? Kristen explain to me." Said Eleanor with anger.

Kristen then sits behind her desk.

"Look, I know perfectly you seem to like my husband, ah and I don't mean sympathizingly." Addressed Kristen with arrogance.

Eleanor then gets up and out of her seat.

"I do not understand you, but one thing I will make clear-" Said Eleanor but is interrupted by Kristen.

"I don't care, your explanations mean nothing. You are that same Eleanor Lawyers that my husband was involved with back then." Said Kristen with rage.

Eleanor is then impacted.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Wait what....this the same Gavin I knew?" Asked Eleanor impacted.

"Yes, and sure a lot of time has passed, but nothing assures me that you no longer have feelings for him." Said Kristen.

Eleanor then turns away from Kristen.

"I am loyal to my husband, you need not to worry. Besides I no longer feel anything for Gavin." Said Eleanor shocked.

Kristen then walks up to Eleanor, to stand behind her.

"Alright, but be aware that if you dare try and take him away from me, you'll pay dearly." Addressed Kristen with cruelty.

Eleanor quickly turns back to Kristen.

"Now, then I won't permit you to threaten me either, and if it is Gavin who likes me? What are you going to do about that?" Asked Eleanor angrily.

Kristen is then insulted by Eleanor.

"I won't permit that to happen." Said Kristen with rage.

"Well you can't force him to be by your side." Said Eleanor, she then leaves out of Kristen's office in a hurry.

"UGH, damn bastard, I don't trust you, Eleanor. And I also won't let you take my Gavin away from me...never." Said Kristen to herself manically.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Philip's Office, 11:00AM}

Eleanor enters Philip's office in a rush.

"What's wrong, Eleanor?" Asked Philip, worried about her.

Eleanor doesn't wish to tell Philip, but trusties him enough.

"G..Gavin." Said Eleanor in shock.

"What about Gavin?" Asked Philip.

"The Gavin we are working with, is the same one that at one point I was in love with back then." Explained Eleanor.

Philip is enraged.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Do.. you still like him? Are you going to leave me for him?" Asked Philip manically.

Eleanor does not understand Philip's reaction.

"What? Of course not...calm down." Said Eleanor scared of Philip's reaction.

Philip then throws the paperwork off his desk in a fit of rage.

"HOW THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN? YOUR LONG TIME LOVER IS HERE, BUT I SWEAR ELEANOR I WILL NOT LET YOU LEAVE ME FOR HIM!" Yelled Philip manically, he then rushes out his office and leaves to the mansion.

Gavin enters the office to check up on Eleanor.

"What happened, I saw Philip rush out of here enraged." Said Gavin.

[Theme ends]

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