Pure Delusion (Theme of Series: )

Chapter 10: Reunion Of Turnabouts

[Theme that plays: ]

At the doctor's office, Kristen is waiting to see what the doctor says after he testes her for pregnancy.

"Well Dr. Mender?" Asked Kristen anxiously.

Dr. Mender seemed troubled.

"Kristen, you are not pregnant. But I still want to test you for other things, you know just in case." Explained Dr. Mender.

Kristen looked worried.

"I...I don't have anything wrong with me..right?" Asked Kristen.

"I don't think so, but I still want to test you. I'll give you the results in a few days." Said Dr. Mender.

"Alright, thank you doctor." Said Kristen and leaves his office.

Atticus and Kristen drive back to the hotel to get ready to go to meet their partners for the negotiation.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Chandler Hotel, Suite 103, 11:30AM, Living Room}

"Are you ready yet, Gavin?" Asked Kristen.

Gavin comes out of the room, and greets both Kristen and Atticus.

"Yeah, I am. Hello Atticus." Said Gavin.

"Well then, lets get going." Stated Attius.

The three then leave to the company.

{Company Del Rowelled, Lobby, 12:00PM}

Eleanor and Philip are seen waiting in the lobby to meet their new clients.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Can't wait, this is going to be a big negotiation for us, Eleanor." Said Philip with excitement.

"I'm glad you are finally seeing the positive of this, Philip." Commented Eleanor happily.

Atticus, Gavin and Kristen then enter the company and meet Philip and Eleanor.

"Why, hello. We are the clients." Said Atticus with a smile.

Philip shakes hands with everyone.

"I'm Philip Rowelled, and this is my wife, Eleanor de Rowelled." Stated Philip.

"Hi, nice to meet all of you." Said Eleanor.

"This is my daughter, Kristen Theresa de Iodine and her husband Gavin Iodine." Addressed Atticus.

"Nice to meet you." Said Kristen.

"Hello, very nice to meet you." Stated Gavin.

Eleanor and Gavin in particular look at each other, they don't remember each other. But, they instantly seem attracted to one another.

"Well, lets show them their offices then." Said Eleanor with glee.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"You are right, come this way." Addressed Philip.

The five go to what will be Kristen's and Gavin's office. Atticus does not wish to work in the company but to represent his daughter when she needs help.

"Well then, I hope that tomorrow we can start our first official work day together." Said Philip.

"We hope so too." Replied Gavin.

"Well we have to go now, we'll see you all tomorrow." Addressed Kristen.

Gavin, Kristen and Atticus then leave back to the hotel.

{Chandler Hotel, suite 103, 8:00PM}

"Okay, I guess you two will be fine. I'll go back to Van Nuys to run the other company." Said Atticus.

"Are you sure dad?" Asked Kristen with worry.

"Yes, don't mind me. Bye you two." Said Atticus, he then leaves the suite.

[Theme ends]

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