Puppet Show Box Art
Developer(s) LameCube Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Projectograph
Release Date(s)
May 19th, 2014
1-4 Players

NintendoNetwork Online

Age Rating(s)

PEGI: 16+

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Series Puppet Show (series)
Media Included DVD, Digital Download
Puppet Show is a creative title for the Nintendo Projectograph that was set for release in December 2013, but was postponed until it was released on May 19, 2014. The game shows off what the Holopad can do by using it in new and unique ways.


An old theater that once thrived with life and laughter has slowly started to die over the years, and all of the actors and puppeteers begin to leave and pass away. Unwanted puppets are thrown away and stashed in boxes, where they will never see the light of day again. These happenings cause a dark threat to fall upon the abandoned theater, and the ancient sets and scenes are put in harm's way. Recognizing this issue, one of the many lost puppets rises from its inanimate state and is controlled by a mysterious puppeteer. The puppeteer must guide this poor puppet through the dark theater, in order to save its friends from the grasp of the many evil fiends that are lurking in the setpieces.


The player controls a puppet using the Holopad. The controller for the puppet appears in holographic form on the pad, and the user simply grabs the holo-image and tilts in the direction they want the puppet to go. Other actions can be performed, such as falling to the ground in a pile to avoid enemies and doing a sort of jump to get to higher places and dodge objects. The game is split into "Sequences." Each Sequence has its own hub area, where each Scene can be accessed. Every Sequence has its own boss or "Threat" to do battle with at the end. The object of non-boss levels is to find the missing puppet at the end of a large area, littered with trials and traps.


There are 10 Sequences in the game, each with 5 Scenes and 1 Threat level.

Name Image Scenes Threat Theme
1. Rude Awakening Lurker Storage Room
2. Among the Dead Haunt Puppet Theater
3. Up in Flames Scorch Prop Room
4. Joke's On You Tragedy Costume Closet
5. Shrouded in Red Curtain Stage
6. The Sound of Music Melody Orchestra Pit
7. Afraid of the Dark Shade Under the Stage
8. Staying Sharp Ripper Woodshop
9. Hanging from the Rafters Hangman Loft Above Stage
10. The Final Act Phantom Puppeteer Final Scene


There are 10 Threats in the game, and the puppet must fight them all to save the theater!

Puppet Show
Official Scorch Art
Full Name Threat 3 - Scorch
Species Puppet
Ability/ies - Throws burning matches

- Tosses fireballs

Threat 3 - Scorch is encountered at the end of Sequence 3: Up in Flames. He is responsible for burning and destroying almost everything located in the prop storage room of the theater. Scorch was originally a puppet, alongside all the others, but when the darkness arrived, he was lit aflame by a lighter and completely consumed by fire. The fire burned and scorched most of his wooden body, and still continues to burn. The constant pain of the flame drove the puppet insane, and he wants nothing more than to share that pain with the puppet friends he once knew.

"Hahahahaha! Finally! Someone to share this wonderful flame with! I've suffered this burning for far too long! It's time someone else had a try! Don't be shy, it only hurts just a little! Ha!" - Scorch

Battle: Scorch has three set areas he goes to in order to attack your puppet. He cycles through them depending on which vantage point is the best for him to land hits on you. When Scorch is charging up a ball of flame in his hands, this is body language for his fireball attack. He will fire it towards your current position, so all you have to do is dodge just as he throws it. When Scorch pulls out a match and begins lighting it on his flaming body, this means that he is about to toss it at your current position. He throws it in two ways: an arched toss and piercing spear-like throw. The arched toss will take longer to fall, but it will leave the burning match where it hits the ground, so watch your step! The piercing throw is way faster, so quickly dodging is essential. Damaging Scorch won't be easy, due to his fire-engulfed body. The only way to hurt him is to get water to hit him. There are three valves located on the ceiling, but the controls for each valve are individually guarded by wooden walls. You'll have to trick Scorch into burning down the walls and use the correct control to poor water on the correct place. When Scorch is defeated, his flame goes out, and all that is left is a charred, lifeless wooden figure.