Punch Out Eternity!!!
Developer(s) TeamTiger
Publisher(s) TeamTiger
Platform(s) Fusion Eternity
Series Punch Out!!!
Predecessor Punch Out!!! (Wii)
Punch Out Eternity!!! its an exclusive game for the Fusion Eternity, that comes before Punch Out!!!(Wii), it has 4 Circuits, like in Super Punch Out!!! (SNES), and they are 20 Fighters (Without counting Little Mac and Additional Fighters)

Fighters (On Career)

  • Little Mac
  • Giga Mac (Only in Head to Head)

​Minor Circuit

  • Glass Joe: He's back! The first fighter on the Minor Circuit, he is not too good at boxing, lets just face it, but he managed to enter the Minor Circuit at least! From: France
  • Von Kaiser: He its made from Steel, Steel on the arms, Steel on the mind and Steel on the Heart, Von Kaiser is back! From: Germany
  • Piston Hurricane: He is one of the best fighters on the first circuit, and he got his afro back from the Arcade! From: Cuba
  • King Hippo
  • Dragon Chan

Major Circuit

  • Bob Charlie
  • Piston Honda
  • Great Tiger: His father was a magician on India, but not be charmed by his magic tricks. Just beware the Tiger Punch... From: India
  • Don Flamenco: He wont look so powerful before you fight him, are you ready to dance Flamenco? Uno, dos, tres! From: Spain
  • Masked Muscle: The Masked Muscle is finally back! He is ready to fight, cheater or not cheater! From: Mexico

World Circuit

  • Aran Ryan:
  • Soda Popinski:
  • Bald Bull
  • Super Macho Man
  • Mr.Sandman:

Nintendo Circuit

  • Hitmonchan
  • Little Mac?: He is actually the main character on Super Punch Out!!! (SNES) and
  • Donkey Kong
  • Captain Falcon
  • Mike Tyson: He is finally back, being the Champion of the Nintendo Circuit this time!

Additional Fighters

  • Doc Luis (On Training Mode)
  • RoboMac (On Training Mode)
  • DLC Characters

Online Fights

The game also have an online mode, but is not the main mode of the game.

In the Online Mode you will fight random people or friends on a normal match. You can use your customized Little Mac, you can have Quick Fights, Tournaments (At least 4 Players) or Custom Matches with your friends. You can also play on another Online Mode called "Challenger Fight" where you can play as every character you have already defeated AND also Additional Fighters like Doc Louis and any character from future DLCs or updates, except Little Mac.


  • World Circuit is the only circuit that hasnt changed since Punch Out!!! (Wii)
  • Pretty much all the characters from the Wii Version have the moves, just with one, two or three new punches.
  • The only characters from the Wii game that are not here are Disco Kid and Bear Hugger
  • The only character from the NES game that is not here is Mr.Dream
  • Little Mac can be customized in all the modes, except in Career, if you complete it and you proceed with Title Defense, then you can customize Little Mac
  • Even that you cant play as Little Mac on Challenger Fight, you can play as Little Mac? (SNES) that is pretty much the same