You can do it,Mac
Doc Louis

Little Mac was retired but he's come back to the fight and found out a whole new oppoents unlike his old foes. So he will came back to fight fo Champonship.


Charcter Special Punch Special Block/Dodge Special Combo
Little mac p
Star Punch Star Block Star Combo


Minor League Special Punch Special Block/Dodge Special Combo
Worried Lucas Hasating Punch None None
General B. General Upper None None
Super Kid Super Jab None None
Half-Mask Dual Jab None None
Major League
Jewel Blast Jewel Punch None None
Lazer Lazer Hook none None
Cold Freeze Frozen Upper Ice Wall None
The Dark Blind Jab Dark Teleport None
Super  League
Mr. Suit Fancy Hook Suit Case Block None
Z Z Jab Z Dodge None
S Dude Dude Upper S Dodge None
Omega  Omega Slam Omega Block None
Robo Brawns  Brawns Punch Robo Phase None

Title Defense

World A Super Punch Super Block/Shield Super Combo
Worried Lucas  Hasaating Punch Worried Dodge Worried Combo
General B. General Upper General Block Comand Combo
Super Kid Super Jab Fast Dodge Super Combo
Half-Mask Dual Jab Half Phase Dual Phase Combo
World S
Jewel Blast Jewel Jab jewel Shield Jewel Blast
Lazer Lazer Hook Lazer Dodge Lazer Combo
Cold Freeze Frozen Upper ICe Wall Freeze Jabs
The Dark Blind Hook Dark Teloport Darkness Combo
World Z
Mr. Suit Fancy Hook Suit Case Block Mr. Combo
Z Z Upper Z Dodge Z Combo
S Dude Dude Upper S Dodge Dude Uppercuts
Omega Omega Slam Omega Block Omega Strikes
Robo Brawns Brawns Punch Robo Phase Robo Combo
Special Oppoent
Phase  3 Phase punch Phase Counter 3 Phases

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