Punch-Out!! - To Glory
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single-Player, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Punch-Out!!!
Predecessor Punch-Out!!! Wii
Successor None
Media Included Wii U Disc, Official Soundtrack CD, Guide, Doc Louis Amiibo (optional)

Punch Out!! - To Glory is a sequel to it's Wii predecessor, Punch Out!! The game features many new mechanics such as shops, perks and online multiplayer, while also it contains new mechanics in fighting such as clinching and training before fights.

The game offers a variety of Punch Out characters, from each of the games. There are also new boxers plus a main villain as well.

The game has an amiibo series, with 5 classic characters. If you preorder the game you get the exclusive Doc Louis amiibo.

Compatible Controllers

  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • Wii U Fight Pad


3 years after his final fight with Donkey Kong, a retired Little Mac gains a bad reputation after being blamed for cheating. Doc persuades Mac to step back into boxing for now a new boxer has approached world champion. Persuaded by the idea that defeating the boxer will bring him back to fame, Mac joins with Doc Louis along with Louis' old trainer, "Vince".

Months later as he is about to enter the champion circuit, Mac falls ill and it soons come to the doctor's attention that Mac has gained a unique disease, where if he gains way too much power he will turn into a giant form of himself, otherwise known as "Giga Mac".

After the champion circuit is completed the player is introduced to a forest in Sweden via flashback, there a man named Axel Hardrada is training at night, he is then approached by two men in suits where they talk to him about taking up in boxing, Axel accepts but the two men only want Axel to take up boxing to grant them money, the two men perform illegal modifications to Axel and soon he becomes the champion of the world. He is now overconfident and wants to fight Mac desperatley.

A few months later, Mac is soon against Axel. Mac, Vince and Doc go to an old training area where Vince trained Doc, however Doc is concerned about Mac as he is constantly gaining spasms during the night. Frustrated, Doc leaves Mac saying he can't win this time. Vince trains Mac and soon later Mac finds Louis with an injured leg on the side of a road. Doc had fallen and crashed into a speeding car, with the influence and motivation from Mac, they both begin training, soon later a training montage begins and three months later, the final battle begins. Story is currently a WIP



Little Mac:

Doc Louis:


Barry and Harry: The main commentators for the WVBA. Throughout games, they will commentate the game and may sometimes throw in extra tips and hints.

The Referee:Hmm, there is something familiar about this italian referee which I can't seem to make out.

Random Pedler Instead of his products being thrown at the boxer, it's him.


Fighting has changed in this game, you can move around freely now across the ring, this is a good way of avoiding punches. Many fighters move at different speeds, Soda Popinski is a very fast mover while King Hippo can barely walk.


Currency in the game are called coins, they can be won by winning fights, doing daily challenges and playing online multiplayer. Coins can be used to buy swag from the shop.

There is a secret trick you can do if the winner is going to win by decision. At the start of a match if you press the plus button, then press a secret button called "bribe" you can bribe the ref 5000 coins to increase your chance to win.


At the shop the player can buy perks or clothing to customize Mac. Here, they can also check out their inventory and change Mac's clothing, a test room can be selected which will do a 360 degree rotation of Mac in his new clothing, this can be selected when about to buy clothing or when exiting to confirm your changes to Mac.

List of items:

Perks can also be bought, these change Mac's gameplay. This includes doing more damage, or being able to gain all your health back during an intermission.

List of perks:

Perk Use Price
Heal You gain all of your health back in between the first and second round. 1000
Extra Star Punch Start off with a star punch in the first round 2500
Extra Damage You do more damage with your uppercuts 500




Amiibo contain little packs of content which include:

  • The character's boxing shorts and gloves. Each with a unique ability.
  • An exclusive perk unlocked in the store.
  • Ultra Mode fight.
  • A small backstory on the character
  • 15,000 coins to spend in store

However Doc Louis' amiibo is different as instead of an Ultra Mode fight, it unlocks Doc Louis' Punchout!! Similar to the Wii game. Little Mac's amiibo can also be used, however the boxing shorts are different and he has no Ultra Mode fight.

The amiibos can also be used in Super Mario Maker.

Purchasable Amiibo

  • Doc Louis
  • Glass Joe
  • King Hippo
  • Piston Hondo
  • Mr Sandman

Ultra Fight Mode

These are fights unlocked only by amiibo. They are harder than Title Defense but have unique challenges and prizes.


In online mode you play as your own customizable character and you can book events to fight other players.

Minor Circuit

The Minor Circuit is where most boxers start, if they succeed to pass the Minor Circuit, they will gain a special trophy. The title holder for this circuit is no other than "King Hippo".

Name Image Nationality From Special Score Total Fights Age
Glass Joe French Paris, France Vive La France 1 - 199 200 41
Bob Charlie Jamaican Kingston, Jamaica Shuck and Jive 28 - 16 44 29
Disco Kid American Brooklyn, NY, USA Disco Flurry 8 - 20 28 23
Von Kaiser German Berlin, Germany Von Kaiser Wave 30 - 18 48 45
King Hippo Hippo Hippo Island, South Pacific Hippo Squeeze 28 - 27 55 ???

Main Circuit

Just your average boxers. The title holder for this circuit is "Piston Hondo".


Image Nationality From Special Score Total Fights Age
Pizza Pasta Italian Napoli, Italy 37
Masked Muscle Mexican Mexico City, Mexico Savory Spit 30
Rodeo Chuck American Texas, USA Large Lasso 26
Frank Jr. Romanian Tranyslvania, Romania Monster Mash ???
Piston Hondo Japanese Tokyo, Japan Bandai Rush Attack 30 - 23 53 31

Major Circuit

Here it starts getting tougher, clinching is introduced here. The title holder for this circuit is "Don Flamenco".


Image Nationality From Special Score Total Fights Age
Bear Hugger Canadian Canada, USA
Dragon Chan Chinese Hong Kong, China
Great Tiger Indian Mumbai, India
Prawn Cracker Thai Bangkok, Thailand Clinch
Don Flamenco Spanish Madrid, Spain

Champion Circuit

Minor Champions of the world are fought here. The title holder for this circuit is "Narcis Prince".


Image Nationality From Special Score Total Fights Age
Aran Ryan Irish Dublin, Ireland
Hoko Boko Peruvian Machu Picchu, Peru
Jerome The Runt African Cairo, Egypt Walk Like An Egyptian
Frostbite Antartican Antartica
Rugby Tackle Welsh Cardiff, Wales Dragon ROARRR! 28
Narcis Prince English London, England
Soda Popinski Russian Moscow, Russia

World Circuit

The world circuit is the final circuit of the game. The title holder is "Axel Hardrada".


Image Nationality From Special Score Total Fights Age
Dingo Australian Sydney, New South Wales 40
Bald Bull Turkish Istanbul, Turkey
Super Macho Man American California, USA
Rick and Nick Bruiser Unknown Unknown
Mr Sandman American Philadelphia, PA, USA
Mr Dream American Dreamland Instant Uppercut 101 - 2 103 21
Axel Hardrada
Swedish Stockholm, Sweden Viking Sequence 129 - 0 129 29

Boxer Descriptions

Little Mac:

Glass Joe:

Bob Charlie:

Disco Kid:

Von Kaiser:

King Hippo:

Pizza Pasta:

"What's this fly doing in my kitchen?" - Pizza Pasta, during the start of the match

An angry chef who works part-time in the sicillian mafia organisation, this mafioso seems to pack a bit of spice with his punches. Little Mac will need to dodge his attacks in order to escape gradually losing health.

Title Defense

Pizza Pasta can now heal when he lands a punch, this can be a very fatal gimmick to Mac.


  • Quando sei giù in riva al mare e un'anguilla morde il ginocchio, that's amore!


  • He comes from the arcade Punch Out.
  • He was going to be replaced by Mad Clown.

Masked Muscle

Rodeo Chuck

"Ready to dance?"- Rodeo Chuck, during the start of the match The most rooting-tooting square dancer the world has ever seen, his large lasso can drag the player towards Chuck, which will end in an deathly uppercut.

Title Defense

Now he's the most rooting-tooting mechanical bull rider! He hasn't gotten off for the past few weeks and is quick at dodging and can easily ram into the player.

Cut Content

  • Originally there was to be a South Korean, Hawaiian, Alien, Austrian, Scottish and Greek fighter, however one had to be chosen, which was Dingo, the Australian.
  • The game was originally just going to end afer the Axel Hardrada fight, but then a continuation of the story was planned for Title Defense.
  • Many of the fighters had different names before, Axel Hardrada was to be called Sargent Smash.


This game is a work in progress.