Punch-Out U is a game in the Punch-Out series of videogames. This game plays on the Wii U, and will be released in 2014.



Standard Mode Opponents

Image Name Description Country
Bear hugger punch out u Bear Hugger Canada
Dragon chan punch out u Dragon Chan China
Piston hurricane Piston Hurricane Cuba
Oliver Jones (Newcomer) England
Glass Joe France
Von Kaiser Germany
King Hippo Hippo Island
Great Tiger India
Pizza Pasta Italy
Aran Ryan Ireland
Bob Charlie Jamaica
Piston Hondo Japan
Vodka Drunkenski Russia
Don Flamenco Spain
Bjorn Svennson (Newcomer) Sweden
Bald Bull Turkey
Mr. Sandman USA

Multiplayer Mode Characters

Once you beat an opponent in regular mode, you can then play as them in multiplayer mode. These characters are unlocked from the start.

Image Name Description Country
Hoy Quarlow China
Mr. Dream Dreamland
Narcis Prince England
Mad Clown Italy
Kabuki Japan
Little Mac USA
Super Macho Man USA

DLC Characters

These characters can be used in multiplayer mode. To play as these characters, you need a save state of that game on your Wii U video games system.

Image Name Description Game
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Luigi New Super Luigi U
Doc Louis Punch-Out (Virtual Console)
Mario punch out u Mario Super Mario 3D World
Megaman Super Smash Bros. 4
Julia Chang Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition