Punch Out Revolution!! is a Wii boxing game. It brings back the long-forgotten Punch-Out!! series. It was released on August 15, 2008. It is famous for having a Wi-Fi Mode without Friend Codes.


After the success of Wii Sports, Nintendo planned to further each of the five games in Wii Sports. Each game was to be given their own game, which would be an improvement of the original Wii Sports. However, the Mario series already had series for three of the five games in Wii Sports (tennis, golf, and baseball). It was then planned that there would be Mario boxing and bowling series as well.

However, there were some concerns about boxing being too violent for the kid-centered Mario series, and so the developers decided just to put the boxing Miis in the game until a decision could be made. Ultimately, the game was canceled until Little Mac was revealed as an Assist Trophy for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Fusajiro Oda then proposed that the game revive the Punch-Out!! series of the NES and SNES. It was agreed that classic Punch-Out!! characters and Miis would co-star in the game.

Due to the game originally being a Mario sports title, many features in Mario sports game has been included, such as playing style (all-around, technique, defense, power, etc.), two super techniques that can be used after a charge meter. The meter increases over time, but can be sped up by combos and the like. The meter also decreases slightly when a character is knocked down. The super techniques each require 3 full charge levels, and are very hard to dodge. Additionally, a character can use one ultra technique at the cost of five full charge levels. The ultra technique is similar to a super technique, however it is harder to dodge. The bigger damage difference between the two contestants, the stronger (if the user is at a disadvantage) or weaker (if the user is at an advantage) the super/ultra attacks will be.


According to Fusajira Oda, 'Punch-Out Revolution!! boasts the most characters in the series so far, and it is revealed that the game will feature opponents from the boxing portion of Wii Sports and some of the characters in the previous Punch Out!! titles, including the spinoff Arm Wrestling.



  • Mr. Sandman - All-Around - Unlocked after playing 10 matches in VS Mode
  • Super Macho Man - Power - Unlocked after playing for ten hours.
  • King Hippo - Power - Unlock three characters
  • Soda Popinski - Play five hours.
  • Bob Charlie - Unlock seven characters.
  • Great Tiger - All-Around - Beat Dragon Chan's story mode
  • Ape III - Technique - Play fifteen hours and unlock at least eight characters.
  • Frank Junior - Beat Ape III's story mode without losing a round.
  • Gabby Jay - Beat Glass Joe's story mode without losing a match.
  • Rick Bruiser - Beat all events.
  • Nick Bruiser - Beat Rick Bruiser's story mode without getting knocked down.
  • Marco Gray - Technique - Beat Bald Bull's story mode.
  • Hoy Quarlow - Technique - Play twenty+ hours and unlock at least ten characters.
  • "Mr Dream" Matt Tyson - All-Around - Unlock all characters except Doc Louis
  • Doc Louis - All-Around - Unlocked after beating all story modes except his
  • Mii - Tricky - Unlocked after unlocking five characters


Story Mode

After Little Mac's story mode, other modes are available.

  • Little Mac's story mode deals with a nobody who tries to become the champion of boxing.
  • Spicy Marimo's story mode deals with a man in debt who desperately tries to become the champion for money.
  • Hank Douglass' story mode deals with a former champion trying to reclaim his throne.
  • Mark Tyler's story mode deals with a current small-time champion trying to become the greatest.
  • Glass Joe's story mode involves a man wanting to win at least one title before retiring.
  • Bald Bull's story mode involves him trying to become the greatest for fame, money, and women.
  • Bear Hugger's story mode has him trying to become the champ in a bet against his father.
  • Dragon Chan is trying to become the champion to restore glory to his shamed family.
  • Piston Hurricane wants to go down in history as a great champion in boxing.
  • Rick Fario needs to provide his poor family with money so he takes up boxing for the money.
  • King Hippo wants to become king of his town so he takes up boxing to defeat his "opponents" (other animals)
  • Ape III is created to become the champion by a little girl who wants attention.
  • Frank Junior is kills his creator. He is sentenced to prison, and after getting out, takes up boxing to get his anger out.
  • Rick Bruiser's mode deals with him managing his brother's old gang but eventually taking up boxing to beat his brother for leaving him and the gang.
  • Nick Bruier's mode is a flashback dealing with when he left his gang to become a boxing legend.
  • "Mr Dream" Matt Tyson's mode deals with him challenging the other story mode characters as he is a bored world champion.
  • Doc Louis's story mode is a flashback that reveals that he was the former boxing champion of the world.
  • Miis have a pantomime story about becoming a champioin.

Mission Mode

Level 1

  • Defeat Glass Joe in less than two minutes.
  • Defeat a random opponent without KOing them.
  • Lose the first round to an opponent but win the next two.
  • Pass Doc Louis' training drills.

Level 2

  • Pass Matt Tyson's training drills
  • Survive against Frank Junior for five minutes.
  • Defeat a random opponent by KOing them.
  • Defeat Bald Bull only using basic punches.
  • Defeat yourself in less then three minutes.

Level 3

  • Defeat the Bruiser Bros. without healing.
  • Defeat Matt Tyson without losing a round.
  • Defeat Doc Louis in less than seven minutes.
  • Defeat Doc Louis and Matt Tyson without getting knocked to the ground.

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