You are never too little to stand up...
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Punch-Out: The Movie
Studio(s) Warner Bros. Studios
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Animated
Country of Origin California
Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Inge, Gary Schwartz, Dennis Bateman.
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Series Punch-Out
"Punch-Out: The Movie" is a movie themed after Nintendo's Punch-Out!! (series). It was an idea brought up by millions of fans, but Nintendo finally took the idea into hands when Warner Bros. Studios decided to make the film with them. It explains the origins of Little Mac and Doc Louis, and Mac's quest to become the WVBA champion.


Ever since the age of 5, Little Mac (Jesse Eisenberg) has been fascinated by his all-time hero, Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson). The smallest heavyweight boxer there ever was, Mike Tyson took out millions, including King Hippo (Gary Schwartz), Don Flamenco (Dennis Bateman), Super Macho Man (Patrick Warburton) and more.

There WAS one fighter that Mac despised, though. His name was Doc Louis (Riley Inge), and he has Mike's main rival in the ring. He always tried to beat Mike, eventually losing, and making Mike the champion of the WVBA. Later, though, Mike quit the boxing association, and Doc eventually was crowned champion.

12 years later, Mac and his family moved to Bronx, NY, USA. There, he was getting ready to go to college, when his mother died of a heart disease.