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Punch-Out!! U
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprizes
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s)
June 25, 2015

Punch-Out!! U is a game in the Punch-Out!! series. It will be released on the Wii U on June 25, 2015.


Minor Circuit

Contender Born in Ranked Wins-Losses
Glass Joe Paris, France #4 1-799
Von Kaiser Berlin, Germany #3 23-777
Inuit Ikkins Juneau, Alaska #2 36-764
Disco Kid Brooklyn, NY #1 59-731
Redskin Hawkchop Oklahoma City, Oklahaoma Champion 75-725

Major Circuit

Contender Born in Ranked Wins-Losses
Bob Charlie Kingston, Jamaica #4 84-716
Bear Hugger British Columbia, Canada #3 106-694
Dragon Chan Hong Kong, China #2 127-673
Masked Muscle Mexico City, Mexico #1 149-651
King Hippo Hippo Island, South Pacific Champion 180-620

World Circuit

Contender Born in Ranked Wins-Losses
Heike Kagero Osaka, Japan #4 195-615
Mad Clown Milan, Italy #3 228-572
Midas the Golden Athens, Greece #2 249-551
Great Tiger Mumbai, Italy #1 274-524
Don Flamenco Madrid, Spain Champion 300-500

Alpha Circuit

Contender Born in Ranked Wins-Losses
Aran Ryan Dublin, Ireland #4 344-456
Narcis Prince London, England #3 391-409
Soda Popinski Moscow, Russia #2 443-357
Rick Bruiser ??? #1 492-308
Bald Bull Istanbul, Turkey Champion 500-300

Omega Circuit

Contender Born in Ranked Wins-Losses
Hoy Quarlow Beijing, China #4 564-236
Mr. Sandman Philidephia, Pennsylvania #3 613-187
Super Macho Man Los Angeles, California #2 676-124
Piston Hondo Tokyo, Japan #1 798-2
Nick Bruiser ??? Champion 800-0

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