Punch-Out!! Nintendo Edition is an upcoming Wii U game coming out in January 2015. It combines the main formula of Punch-Out!! and other series, like Mario.


A twist from the normal formula is that the character set includes many non-punch-out!! characters. These characters are from other series, like Mario and Kirby. Stats are introduced, and come out of ten, in three different tiers; Power, Dodging, and Stamina.

Classic Characters

Image Name Power Level Dodging Level Stamina Level Tournament
Glass Joe 2 4 0.5 (well he's glass! Duh!) Minors
180px-FileDisco Kid
Disco Kid 7 3 6 Minors
Von Kaiser 5 9 3 Minors

More coming soon

Other-Series Characters

Image Character Series Power Level Dodging Level Stamina Level Tournament
Boom Boom Mario 8 2 6.5 Mushroom

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