Punch-Out!!! Superstar
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) WiiU, NX, Visus Sphere
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Punch-Out!!!
Predecessor Punch-Out!!! Wii
Successor None
Media Included WiiU Disc
Punch-Out!!! Superstar is an upcoming game for the WiiU which is considered the direct sequel to Punch-Out!!! Wii. The game features the same fighting tactics as the Wii version although the game pad can be used for old NES style attacking instead.


Aside from the standard fighting controls which function the same when using the Wii Remote & Nunchuck or the Gamepad the Gamepad will interestingly have its screen show NES style versions of Little Mac and his opponent. When the Television is not being used, this screen is used for the actual fight.

Like in the previous games, by performing punches at specific instances the player is able to gain the ability to perform star punches which deal a large of damage, the Star Punch now has an increased power where a one-star punch on Soda Popinski (The absolute mid-difficulty character of the game) knocks out 3/4 of his health, a two-star punch deals a knock out and a Three-star punch deals a knock out that counts for two knock outs. In retaliation there are fewer opportunities for players to gain stars for the star punches making them harder to pull off, in addition the opponents now all have a powerful ultimate move, that some are stronger variations of previous moves from the Wii game while others are completely new.


Little Mac faces the challenge of being called back into the ring after a five year depature where he and Doc Loius travelled the world. Now back to win the world Championship Title, Little Mac must face old foes and new faces and win his way to the top.

Game Modes

The Game has the standard Storyline where the player must face all the opponent boxers to win their way to the top and win the World Championship Belt. This mode consists of boxers from the Punch-Out!!! Universe both old and new.

Aside from the Storyline mode there is also four other modes which have the player fight other Nintendo characters in championships. These four modes are:

  • Mushroom Championship
  • Pokemon Championship
  • Triforce Championship
  • Smash Championship

Storyline Opponents

Green Belt Championship

Boxer's Name Age Height/Weight W/L/KO Place of Origin
Glass Joe 43 5'10/54 kg 1/299/1 Paris France
Reginald Berker 37 6'02/71 kg 6/145/4 London, England
Von Kraiser 47 6'00/65 kg 33/129/20 Berlin, Germany
Alexander Fleronce 25 5'11/53 kg 36/125/26 Athens, Greece
Aran Ryan 28 6'01/74 kg 46/112/29 Dublin, Ireland
Mercio Verona 33 6'02/68 kg 50/110/30 Rome, Italy
Adam Kriskmal 36 5'09/60 kg 56/108/36 Warsaw, Poland
Don Flamenco 28 6'01/69 kg 61/104/40 Madrid, Spain

Red Belt Championship

Boxer's Name Age Height/Weight W/L/KO Place of Origin
Master Yuon 46 5'11/51 kg 63/101/47 Beijing, China
Piston Hondo 33 6'02/80 kg 66/96/51 Tokyo, Japan
Geruda Master 46 6'08/102 kg 70/80/60 Jakarta, Indonesia
Bald Bull 41 6'02/133 kg 79/67/64 Istanbul, Turkey
Yanare the Wanderer 30 6'04/95 kg 84/57/72 Jerusalem, Israel
Great Tiger 34 6'00/60 kg 91/46/83 Mumbai, India
Silas Monjoto 24 6'03/71 kg 99/38/66 Singapore
Soda Popinski 40 6'06/110 kg 105/33/92 Moscow, Russia

Blue Belt Championship

Boxer's Name Age Height/Weight W/L/KO Place of Origin
Shaun Hivinsy 31 6'02/86 kg 111/30/100 Wellington, New Zealand
Daruda Moona 46 6'10/156 kg 119/28/103 Easter Island, South Pacific
Milako Piona 29 6'04/95 kg 126/25/108 Suva, Fiji
Timothy Two-Toe 34 6'03/90 kg 131/22/116 Dili, East Timor
Mando Adokak 42 6'04/132 kg 138/19/123 Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea
Ralik Ratak 28 6'05/102 kg 143/16/133 Majura, Marshall Islands
King Hippo ?? ??/??kg 150/15/138 Hippo Island, South Pacific
Darwin Crocker 45 7'00/145 kg 170/10/150 Sydney, Australia

World Champion Boxing Championship

Boxer's Name Age Height/Weight W/L/KO Place of Origin
Disco Kid 25 6'03/95 kg 182/9/163 Brooklyn, NY, USA
Buro Sol 41 6'02/87 kg 191/8/174 Buenos Aries, Argentina
Ralionta Igmaron 29 6'07/125 kg 199/7/182 Brasilia, Brazil
Bear Hugger 37 6'03/200 kg 205/6/187 Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Carlmao Ketsuna 36 6'02/151 kg 219/4/201 Santiago, Chile
Dios Machinte 35 6'01/102 kg 236/2/228 Mexico City, Mexico
Super Macho Man 32 6'04/110 kg 248/2/244 Hollywood, CA, USA
Emperor Pecker 40 7'05/206 kg 249/1/249 Antartica
Mr Sandman 36 6'05/129 kg 250/0/250 Philadelphia, PA, USA