The Pulse N is an Android phone, and considered the phone version of the Plasmatab made by Pulse Studios, first shown at Fantendo World. It comes bundled 4.1 Jellybean Stock ROM, but updates when first connected to Wi-Fi. The device has no physical buttons except the Power and Volume rocker. Pulse Online is still a feature.

Pulse Online

Pulse online is one of the main features in the Plasmatab. It acts as a hub for PULSE optimized games. You can add friends and do a contact search for your contact's Pulse Accounts. You can earn Plasma Points by earning Awards. PULSE exclusives are available, but most games downloadable through the store are available for other supported devices. PULSE transactions are handled through the Play Store.


Pulse Card

The Pulse N does not require an SD card by default, and has a partition that acts as an SD card by default. However it also allows an SD card to be inserted for extra memory, and a MicroSD slot is revealed when the SD card is removed. The Pulse Card is a special SD card which allow's quick file swapping and quicker back-ups, as it is optimized for Pulse systems. Normal SD cards and MicroSD's will still be compatible with little loss of speed.

Controller Add-on

A case that goes around the phone, and connects to one of the ports. It adds 2 joysticks, one on each side, 4 buttons on the right side, and bumper buttons on the top corners.

Physical Keyboard Add-on

A slide-out physical keyboard is available for the Pulse N. It allows physical controls for games, and keys can be mapped to areas on the touchscreen for easy compatibility for games without controller support. It uses the basic QWERTY layout.

Lens Attachment

The Pulse N allows lens' to be attached to the outside camera. It allows much better quality photos and zoom quality.

Waterproof Case

The Pulse N has a Waterproof Case for sale, and prevents water from entering the device. It makes the phone substantially bulkier, and prevents most add-on's (excluding the Lens Attachment) from being attached. It is not to be used at high pressures.

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