Most Dangerus Hunters. can hunt one of Kirbies to death. only Crack can kill the hunter
infromation from Crack 1994 manual

Puffball Hunters (Crack Series)
Puffball hunter crack series by rublitendos-d96fka6
Rarity Strongest Than Puffballs
Average Behavior Evil
Habitat(s) Forbidden Jungle (Crack)
Ability/ies Shooting Missiles from his gun
Weapon(s) polter-gun
First Appearance Crack (1994)
Clandy the black Dr.
 Puffball Hunters - Are opponents from 1994 Crack game for SNES, Appears in Forbidden jungle.


Has Only One Eyes. Orange Skin. Emerald breastplate. Green Hunting Hat has no Limbs only hands. has a Polter-gun to Hunt Kirbies. has a Scarecrow mouth and green shoes.

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