Puff Crusaders (Known as Kirby Crusaders in Japan and Puff Crusaders Saga in Germany) is a Video Game created by SuperLuigi22. It is a Fantasy 3D game based off of the Kirby Franchise, and has had many Sequels.


The Waddle King was in need of Help. The Menaces were coming to Destroy Cloud Kingdom. He called his Knights, Burn and Clear, to take care of this Job. Unfortunately, Burn and Clear were too weak, having there Powers Sucked by Menace Jorge. The Waddle King was Scared of the Grand attack by the Menaces, so he sent Burn and Clear to find brave warriors strong enough to take them down. The King gave them a Scroll of who to find. These people were the Puff Crusaders who forgot who they were.

Meanwhile, Lucky was just an Ordinary Kirby in the Fields of Landstia. He worked as a Lep, a Lucky Farmer which grew Gold Clovers, and was starting a sale for his crops. Quickly, Burn landed into Landstia and found Lucky selling his Gold Clovers. Valuable they were, Burn fell into a Trance and starred at the Gold. But he quickly snapped out of it. He went over to Lucky and Pulled him into a Dark Alley. He handed him the Scroll and Lucky looked surprised. He did not think this was him. But Burn Convinced Lucky, and Lucky started to follow Burn to the Castle.

Clear has stumbled upon the Ice Cold Caverns, where he spots one of the Puff Crusaders, Gadget. Gadget is a Blue Kirby who has spent his life Building Robotic Sleds for People. He has been working on the Omega Sleigh 20600, but Clear pulls him over. Clear tells Gadget about him being a Puff Crusader, and Gadget believes him, because Gadget has a power to detect if someone is lying or not. No matter how excited Gadget is, Clear makes a serious conversation, and tells Gadget that he needs the Prototype of the Omega Sleigh 20600, and drags him to the Castle.

Burn goes to the Burning Nether, where he finds Rage, a Puff Crusader who has ended up being the Assistant to the Ruler of the Burning Nether, Gigatro. Rage his busy slacking off from his paperwork, where he spots Burn, and Quickly goes to him. Rage asks Burn who he is, and Burn says that he is a Knight that has came to get him. Rage starts freaking out about "Stranger Danger" and "Kidnapper Alert" but Burn explains to him about He used to be the Bronze of the Great Crusaders, but after the "Incident" he forgot who he was. Rage believes him, because of course he was the Bronze. Then Rage starts to go with him to the Castle.

Finally, Clear goes to the Sunshine, where he finds Cutie, the girl of the Puff Crusaders. She has ended up being the Sunshine Guardian, the Protector of the Sunshine. This was a hard decision to take her with him or not, because Protecting the Sunshine is very Important. He goes ahead and asks Cutie to come with him, while he explains to her being a Puff Crusader. She agrees and Goes with him, and Clear finds her brother to protect the Sunshine.

They all gather back at the castle, where they are all surprised meeting each other for the first time, but there isn't much time left. Waddle King tells them about the Menaces destroying the Cloud Kingdom and eventually, the whole world. The Puff Crusaders all agree to Fight back, also with convincing Lucky to do it, and Waddle King sends his fairy, Fuy, and his Jester, Bread Crumb, off to help them

Playable Characters


Lucky- "Lucky is the Heart of the Group and is Ready to kick some butt! He has clover attacks along with charging his power up to collect all near by coins. He is very tender hearted, and will care for everyone on the way!"

Cutie- "Cutie is the Girl Power of the Crusaders! She proves that girls can fight too and has got a few tricks up her sleeve! She can shoot hearts with her bow and arrow and can sometimes hypnotize people with her charm, but only on some enemies. She is very sassy, and will get very mad at you if she needs to."

Rage- "Rage is here, bringing his awesomness along with him! He is so cool, that he can breath fire and shoot lasers. But the downside is, he isnt very good on air. He is very strong and can lift up a Car!"

Gadget- "Gadget has got Some Inventions that will blow your mind away! Starting with his Omega Sleigh 20600, he can fly with it and shoot laser spheres! He also has a blaster, and can electrocute you!



Burning Nether

Ice Cold Caverns


Cloud Kingdom

Butter Building

Clear Waters

Deep Deep Lagoon

Crazy Dimension

Spirit Falls

Train of Sorrow

Sorrow Land


Menace Castle

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