Full Name Pucca
Current Age 11
Zodiac Sign unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sooga
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Garu (friend, love interest)
Ching (friend)
Princess Peach-rival in crossovers
Ability/ies Same as Mario's and Luigi's ones
Voice Actor(s)
Tabitha St. Germain(cartoon)

Pucca is a character, and star of the namesake Pucca series. She is a 11-year old girl, who is the niece of three Noodle restaurant owners. She has a crush on the 16-year old teenage ninja boy Garu, who always attempts to avoid her at any cost, but always seem to fail.


Pucca appears as heroine in "Super Mario and Pucca Quest", a crossover between her franchise and the well-know Super Mario series. Here, she has saved her home town from Bowser's minions. When she became friends with Mario, who saved her life, she started a rivalry with Princess Peach, who became captured by Bowser. From then on Mario, Luigi and Pucca go to save Mushroom Kingdom. At the end of game she became heroine of Mushroom Kingdom.

In "Back to Yoshi's Island" she stoped rivalry with Princess Peach and decided to spend vacations in Dinosaur land with her new friends. When Pucca, Mario, Luigi, Garu, Abyo and Ching had bathed, Bowser, Wart and Koopalings(Iggy, Ludwig, Roy, Lemmy, Larry, Morton, Wendy) and Bowser Jr. kidnapped the Princess. From then on heroes try to save her.

In "Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest" she decided to go on Nintendo's 125th anniversary with Mario Brothers and their Yoshi on their muscle-working van. She, alongside with her friends came to Bowser's castle after seeing pointer, which showed them wrong way. Heroes were sent to Planet Zennu to Dorkula's party by rocket. On Zennu they were convicted for Dorkus' house destruction. Sheen proved, that heroes aren't guilty. Pucca supports Mario in every mission untill final battle. At Princess' castle's party she kissed Garu longly, when Mario jumped off heights into cheese sauce pool.