The psychic cockroach
Gender Male
Species Cockroach
Location Trash Tooth
Current Status Deceased
Class Antagonist, Boss
Leader of the Roaches along with:
Tankroach (Deceased)
Bossroach (Deceased)
Main Weapon(s) Psychic Hands
Ability/ies Psychic Powers, Telekinesis
First Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Latest Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
You will pay for what you did to Tankroach
Psyroach getting ready to fight, TZBW

Psyroach is one of the three Roach Leaders, and an ally in Tarko's scheme in Tak-Zac Bug World. He is the smartest leader with psychic powers. He, Tankroach and Psyroach ambush Tak and Zac who are trying to rescue Tessie, but the three bugs escapes safely. Later on, Psyroach tries to avenge Tankroach's death by attacking Tak in the Cockroach Weapon Ship (which is actually a powerless bug zapper).

Tak tricks Psyroach into using his electrical psychic hands to power up the whole ship. The electricity of the bug zapper emerges and charges into the centre where Psyroach is on, where he gets electrocuted and vaperized. Unlike the other Roaches who talk in Southern Accents, Psyroach talks in a Russian Accent.